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april 2nd, 2014:

received childstar05, ideya05, invincible05, invincible12, judo06, karate20, melody18, murasame12, punches01, and softball18 from joining
gifted abh02, draculina06, familiar06, tomboy20, zeus01, and zeus15 by [personal profile] preternatural
claimed 66801, blush01, caster01, carrot01, crowds01, diclonius01, silpelit01, solitude01, spiritwave01, and millennia01 from march's release post

april 3rd, 2014:

traded judo06 for mirage03 to [personal profile] hanakoanime
gifted kwando16, marine04, order19, and snowboard02 by [personal profile] hanakoanime)
gifted protestant13. traded karate20 for invincible08 (with [personal profile] acperience)
gifted mirage01 by [personal profile] ixionesis
gifted zeus07 by [personal profile] euploeamulciber
traded crowds01 for zeus04 to [personal profile] apprivoiser.
gifted witchhunter10 by [personal profile] apprivoiser
traded caster01 for synethesia18 to [personal profile] steakmilk.
gifted cardinal16, crusnik16, titania13 and zeus03 by [personal profile] radria.
traded spiritwave01 for zeus05 to [personal profile] emberwishes.
traded punches01 and softball18 for abh20, diclonius05 and draculina14 to [personal profile] oriaon

april 4th, 2014:

gifted ladyluck16 by [personal profile] count_2_three

april 5th, 2014:

gifted draculina13 and protestant04 by [personal profile] needles
gifted cureheart13, dranzer09, kaze10, kwando03, mint14, orichalcos10, spiritwave20 and witchhunter07 by [personal profile] kues

april 6th, 2014:

traded ideya05 for draculina01 to [personal profile] estamir
traded childstar05, silpelit01 and twin01 for mirage06, mirage14 and mirage18 to [personal profile] moon_wolf

april 7th, 2014:

gifted abh04, mirage12 and s-class05 by [personal profile] kuranosuke

april 8th, 2014:

traded 66801 for zeus17 to [personal profile] prisma
gifted kaze02, marine15, mint01, s-class18, s-class19 and witchhunter14 by [personal profile] gammacrank
gifted abh13, draculina05, draculina18, dranzer02, dranzer03, dranzer10, dranzer13, rose19, rose20, titania09 and zeus08 by [personal profile] hyoga
gifted gynoid07 by [personal profile] madoka
gifted kwando12 by [personal profile] laurant

april 9th, 2014:

received athena04, aura16, garugari16, gigant18, minidragon11, opast10, poland10, standup08, tea14, and tenchou05 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
claimed aria15, beasts11, childarmy18, ctarl17, hats14, tightrope09, trapeze06 and x88s10 from the release post
traded millennia01 and melody18 for invincible03 and invincible17 to [personal profile] commandant
traded april slot 07 to get allmeans02 for beasts04 to [personal profile] murkrows
traded april slot 08 to get hakoniwa14 for invincible06 to [personal profile] utsuwa

april 10th, 2014:

traded hats14 for zeus09 to [personal profile] aaveplsgo
gifted fight05, jaganshi09, occidental17, taunts01, war04, wired05 and witch16 by [personal profile] magaru
received izumo19, kiyohime08 and kshatriya17 from Conan's Clues 190

april 11th, 2014:

received creator15, invincible20, onett05 and an orange crayon for leveling up
traded april slot 09 to get ctarl14 for x88s14 to [personal profile] admiral
traded ctarl17 for invincible04 to [personal profile] admiral
traded poland10 for witchhunter09 to [personal profile] kues
received ageha16, exchanger05, fireball20 and time14 from Ansem's Player Report
gifted mirage09 by [personal profile] miyoungie
received bubblebeam05, louvre10 and a green crayon from the art shop
traded april slot 10 to get witchqueen03 for x88s13 to [personal profile] magaru
gifted thepaper10 by [personal profile] empanadas
traded standup08 for eternal01 to [personal profile] hyoga
traded athena04 for typhoon17 to [personal profile] miyoungie
gifted spandex14 by [personal profile] needles
traded natural06 for zeus18 to [personal profile] needles
traded gigant18 for revive10 to [personal profile] moes

april 12th, 2014:

gave blush01 away as a gift to [personal profile] prisma
gave cureheart13 away as a gift to [personal profile] vivillion
traded exchanger05, mint01 and mint14 for gynoid10, kaze05 and witchhunter16 to [personal profile] vivillion
traded aria15 for kaze16 to [personal profile] waldosia
gifted kaze20 by [personal profile] waldosia
traded bubblebeam05 for viera17 to [personal profile] lochvaan
traded garugari16 for invincible19 to [personal profile] dialny
traded solitude01 for fleur18 to [personal profile] preternatural
gifted acepilot20 and toon11 by [personal profile] preternatural
traded aura16 for revive17 to [personal profile] toran
received 75th06, corpses12, diepencil02 and massacre09 from Pick a Color
gifted alias14 by [personal profile] madoka
traded occidental17 for shinigami05 to [personal profile] madoka
traded marine04 and marine14 for crusnik18 and shinigami18 to [personal profile] surskit
traded tightrope09 for x88s12 to [personal profile] kues
traded massacre09 for draculina07 to [personal profile] headset

april 13th, 2014:

gave 75th06 away as a gift to [personal profile] netbug009
traded viera17 for laevatein16 to [personal profile] laurant
traded opast10 for graywolf14 to [personal profile] ixionesis
received orichalcos01, orichalcos02, orichalcos03, orichalcos06, orichalcos08, orichalcos12, orichalcos13, orichalcos15, orichalcos17 and zeus20 from recycled art
gifted x88s04 by [personal profile] eyvindur
gifted fix07, travel11, six red crayons and eight orange crayons by [personal profile] hyoga
traded spiritwave20 for mirage10 to [personal profile] totling
gifted miasma04 by [personal profile] moes
traded diepencil02 for housewife19 to [personal profile] moes
gifted four brown crayons by [personal profile] moes

april 14th, 2014:

traded two brown crayons for two red crayons with [personal profile] prisma
gave miasma04 away as a gift to [personal profile] totling
gave time14 away as a gift to [personal profile] hyoga
traded ageha16, fireball20, and izumo19 for gynoid16, protestant18 and shinigami06 with [personal profile] karayan
received galax09, invincible01, invincible02, invincible07, invincible09, invincible10, invincible11, invincible13, invincible14, jintan15, zeus02, zeus06, zeus10, zeus12, zeus13, zeus14, zeus16, zeus19, and a gray crayon from the art shop
traded fix07 for chocolate17 with [personal profile] murkrows
received invincible15, strength05, visitor20 and an orange crayon for mastering Zeus
received automail03, koorime07, shamanking19, snacks05, taunts14, witch02/19, witchhunter13, woodpecker01, woodpecker04, woodpecker05, woodpecker06, woodpecker11, woodpecker15, woodpecker16 and woodpecker18 from [personal profile] oktarose

april 15th, 2014:

received faint01, prussia05, and smile06 from Guess the Color
traded prussia05 for gynoid05 with [personal profile] kuranosuke
received aniue11, break15, damocles15, frozen03, and mature05 from Graffiti 72
traded chocolate17 for fleur15 with [personal profile] preternatural

april 16th, 2014:

traded two brown crayons for two red crayons with [personal profile] kues
received daein04, danes02, orichalcos04 and an orange crayon from mastering Invincible
received denpakei04 and fullbringer04 from Help Miss Kamila 27
received alias13, crusnik09, dranzer07, dranzer14, fight09, hyourinmaru09, protestant08, war05, war12 and war14 from Recycled Art
received invincible16 and invincible18 from the art shop
traded break15, faint01, frozen03, kiyohime08, smile06, and tomboy20 for draculina04, grafeisen04, hitsuzen14, revive11, war08 and wired20 with [personal profile] radria
traded danes02 for cyber07 with [personal profile] swagu
traded corpses12, creator15, daein14, louvre10, synesthesia18 and tenchou05 for backlace14, lively18, meruru10, osuwari08, notebook08 and thornqueen10 with [personal profile] count_2_three
gifted bench12, dattebayo16, haicopy06, ramble19 and rude20 by [personal profile] count_2_three
traded dattebayo16 for graywolf10 with [personal profile] swagu
traded shamanking19 for sandrock08 with [personal profile] mist
traded bench12 for draculina02 with [personal profile] beezebeora

april 17th, 2014:

received loveyou08, loveyou13, loveyou16, realian07 and sonati16 from [personal profile] dne
traded aniue11, denpakei04, lively18, meruru10 and ramble19 for fleur17, revive01, thepaper18, xiii12 and xiii16 with [personal profile] estamir
received fenia15, pliskin12 and a green crayon from the art shop
received hymn17, royalguard04, tackle20 and tutor10 from Reading Between the Lines
received beard17, bloodlust11, goats12 and hearts20 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
traded hearts20 for alias15 with [personal profile] byakkun
received collector01, melchsee16, orichalcos05 and a yellow crayon for leveling up
traded tackle20 for x88s20 with [personal profile] hyoga
gifted fullmetal19 and orichalcos16 by [personal profile] sal
traded mature05 and sonati16 for fleur05 and taunts07 with [personal profile] headset
received aikido01, damocles20, fitness14 and pilots20 from Ansem's Player Report
received mafiaboss15, mermaid17 and r-traps10 from Conan's Clues
traded thornqueen10 for dranzer17 with [personal profile] estamir
traded automail03 for eternal18 with [personal profile] rubatosis
gifted logout10, moonlight19, spacepirate08, spacepirate11, taunts11, theend17, theend18 and voidgear05 by [personal profile] sal

april 18th, 2014:

traded fitness14, goats12, mafiaboss15, pliskin12 and rude20 for draculina09, fight01, orichalcos14, protestant06, and revive08 with [personal profile] anruik
traded strength05 for gynoid11 with [personal profile] murkrows
received kickboxer12, shannaro10 and an orange crayon from the art shop
gifted kwando04, kwando06 and kwando07 by [personal profile] eyvindur

april 19th, 2014:

traded kickboxer12 and r-traps10 for fleur03 and revive02 with [personal profile] utsuwa
received androgynous14, aquapearl05, assertive15, brown20, ccarayhua08, cheater06, chisho06, christanity08, chui10, dachshund13, demon01, drums13, entrails02, excalibur11, fake13, fightmoney17, fraternity03, gekko12, grandcross20, graveryl11, guitarist03, hallmonitor02, homunculus08, hunt17, idolize03, illomen20, loveless18, mediator03, memorybug19, mysterious07, nananin10, nyo04, orcatrainer07, pandora18, paranoia19, pherae13, polytechnic09, rep07, saru03, shamanking08, sleep14, soulunion02, swimmer09, teapot07, trailblazer05, underworld13, unicolyon04, writer20, four yellow crayons, two green crayons and one purple crayon from April's Pot of Gold
traded gifted16 for cyber11 with [personal profile] acperience
traded assertive15 for mirage04 with [personal profile] headset
gifted krisna02 by [personal profile] lochvaan
traded lanster01 for taunts08 with [personal profile] lochvaan
traded gasmask15 for identity16 with [personal profile] minteaprince
traded aikido01, gekko12, hallmonitor02, hunt17 and saru03 for gunblade01, gynoid15, hymn12, unison12 and war17 with [personal profile] acperience
gifted childarmy13 by [personal profile] acperience
traded sleep14 for crusnik03 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded androgynous14 for elrond16 with [personal profile] hanakoanime
traded christianity08 and swimmer09 for childarmy09 and graywolf01 with [personal profile] cendol
traded fake13, homunculus08, idolize03, memorybug19, orcatrainer07, shamanking08 and shannaro10 for alias01, alias11, spandex04, taunts05, taunts12, unison16 and unison19 with [personal profile] prisma
traded pharae13 for x88s15 (their april slot) with [personal profile] dinos

april 20th, 2014:

received earrings11, tuxedo19 and an orange crayon from the art shop
traded damocles12, damocles20, entrails02, grandcross20, illomen20, loveyou13, melchsse16, pilots20 and soulunion02 for hyourinmaru14, hyourinmaru19, orichalcos09, orichalcos11, swallow09, thepaper05, thepaper06, titania01 and titania07 with [personal profile] nidoking
traded bloodlust11 for kwando08 with [personal profile] beezebeora
traded cheater06 for orichalcos19 with [personal profile] chikky
gave away graveryl11 as a gift to [personal profile] yonlin
traded beard17, chisho06, drums13, fraternity03, fullbringer04, loveyou16 and pandora18 for dranzer12, fleur07, graywolf09, judge12, protestant02, war03 and war06 with [personal profile] despedia
received bandages17, doll18, knights12, nia17 and shamisen12 from Rolling Down the UMN

april 21st, 2014:

traded ccarayhua08 for war20 with [personal profile] hyoga
traded may slot 01 (himalayan/wail06) for shinigami02 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded an orange crayon for a yellow crayon with [personal profile] secretambition
received calligraphy08, debonair14, draculina03, draculina08, draculina10, draculina11, draculina12 and an orange crayon from the art shop
received dojikko09, orichalcos07, redking19 and a brown crayon from leveling up
traded mysterious07 for protestant07 with [personal profile] empanadas
received avenger18, jewelry12 and quadra15 from Guess the Color
gifted protestant03 by [personal profile] magaru
traded beasts04, beasts11 and brown20 for noble16, snowboard07 and swallow05 with [personal profile] kues
traded guitarist03 and nanamin10 for caliber18 and chairman12 with [personal profile] hyoga
gifted chairman13, cryokinesis02, familiar13, familiar16, flamboyant03, flash06, flash15, flask07, hyourinmaru13, jaganshi09, kitsune10, koorime02, krisna10, laevatein06, revive12, revive18, snowboard15, thepaper07, thepaper11, typhoon10, voidgear11, wired04, wired15, twelve green crayons and two blue crayons by [personal profile] hyoga
traded earrings11 for abh14 with [personal profile] steakmilk
traded loveyou08 for graywolf16 with [personal profile] vivillion

april 22nd, 2014:

traded avenger18, demon01 and tutor10 for childarmy10, revive16 and selece20 with [personal profile] rollinghero
traded quadra15 for gynoid03 with [personal profile] cendol
traded fightmoney17, galax09 and polytechnic09 for abh15, fleur09 and swallow03 with [personal profile] magaru
gifted swallow12 and swallow17 by [personal profile] magaru
received draculina15, henshin17, rival05 and a red crayon from mastering Orichalcos
received bite06, draculina17, harpielady09 and a green crayon from mastering Protestant
traded aqualpearl05, calligraphy09, debonair14, haicopy06, knights12, nia17, rival05, and shamisen12 for abh17, jaganshi17, krisna04, krisna14, prima04, witch09, xiii09 and xiii13 with [personal profile] nidoking
traded backlace14 for krisna12 with [personal profile] swagu
received ignored14, knives03, moonchild02 and reshbal05 from Beauty Pageant 81
received ctarl19, droopy08, orichalcos18, orichalcos20, protestant01, protestant05, protestant09, protestant10, protestant11, protestant12, protestant14, protestant15, protestant16, protestant17, protestant19, protestant20 and a red crayon from the art shop
traded diclonius01 and diclonius05 for wired12 and wired17 with [personal profile] prisma

april 23rd, 2014:

received billiards17 and player103 from Art Lessons with Rukia
traded dachshund13 and mermaid17 for cryokinesis13 and patch03 with [personal profile] vivillion
traded henshin17 for x88s01 (april slot) with [personal profile] beccastareyes
traded ctarl19, doll18, loveless18 and moonchild02 for alias20, shinigami03, shinigami15 and swallow11 with [personal profile] beccastareyes

april 24th, 2014:

traded excalibur11, redking19 and a gray crayon for three yellow crayons with [personal profile] count_2_three
received anterograde14, blind02, mirage13 and a blue crayon for mastering Draculina
received bass16, eternity06, highspirited12 and otoko12 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
received anatoray17, craftsman10, musicians15, opening16, otaku10, pariah05, rai13, riddles16, saru09, silverknife18 and a green crayon from Reading Between the Lines
received aurora10, cleric16 and newgen14 from Host Club Giveaway
gifted alias03 by [personal profile] sal
received brat07, draculina18, draculina19, draculina20, knit20, mirage02, mirage05, mirage07, mirage08, mirage11 and a purple crayon from the art shop
traded billiards17 for neptune08 with [personal profile] murkrows
traded highspirited12, opening16, player103, saru09 and tuxedo19 for chairman02, chairman11, cryokinesis05, levataein09 and levataein13 with [personal profile] radria
received medstudent12 and snacks15 from Ansem's Player Report
traded brat07 for shinigami08 with [personal profile] nidoking

april 25th, 2014:

received gemstone20, parties19, var10 and witchhat08 from Conan's Clues
traded anatoray17, aurora10, bite06, craftsman10, ignored14, and mediator03 for crusnik10, cryokinesis07, cryokinesis11, patch07, patch09 and patch11 with [personal profile] magaru
traded cleric16 for flamboyant14 with [personal profile] acperience
received formal03, hoihoi08 and tachikaze20 from Seiyuu Guess 166
traded may slot 02 (swingrock11) for ??? with [personal profile] preternatural
traded order01, revive19, stapler19, swallow04, swallow10, swallow14 and swallow18 for droopy08, gemstone20, neptune08, otoko12, parties19, var10 and witchhat06 with [personal profile] moon_wolf
received bearslayer11, mirage20, photon15 and a brown crayon from leveling up
gifted vierge17 by [personal profile] nyxnoxbox
traded elrond16, harpielady09 and medstudent12 for fight15, judge14 and revive06 with [personal profile] nyxnoxbox
traded hoihoi08 for swallow19 with [personal profile] minteaprince
traded riddles16 and silverknife18 for cyber02 and s-class15 with [profile] eupoleamulciber

april 26th, 2014:

traded lavaetein13, theend17 and theend18 for alias05, alias08 and alias17 with [personal profile] oriaon
traded housewife19 for ironmaiden/x-laws02 (may slot) with [personal profile] oriaon
traded sandrock08 for abh06 with [personal profile] anruik
received fortissimo17 and skeptic18 from Kiss the Cook
received bounty20, egret17, harsh19 and heroine14 from A Challenger Appears!
received honnoji03 and sonic02 from Help Miss Kamila
traded bandages17, bearslayer11, dojikko09, familiar13, formal03, heroine14, knit20, newgen14, sonic02 and skeptic18 for abh19, chozo05, cryokinesis01, cryokinesis20, kaze18, koorime06, krisna15, patch11, prison10 and venus04 with [personal profile] needles
traded fortissimo17 for kwando02 with [personal profile] count_2_three

april 27th, 2014:

traded prima04, prima19, reshbal05, and stapler19 for foul11, foul15, patch14 and swallow16 with [personal profile] bridgitkiido
traded anterograde14, blind02, cleric16, jewelry12, otaku10, rep07 and unicolyon04 for crusnik05, crusnik12, fight11, fight14, krisna07, revive04 and rose12 with [personal profile] possibilityleft
received bangle11, hero04, part-timer02, scorch14 and two yellow crayons from the art shop
traded egret17 for kaze04 with [personal profile] vivillion
gifted bunny02 by [personal profile] crystalweaver
traded photon15 for kaze08 with [personal profile] crystalweaver
traded knives03 for an orange crayon with [personal profile] hanakoanime
gifted fleur02 by [personal profile] stag
traded eternal01 and eternal18 for witch05 and witchhunter06 with [personal profile] stag

april 28th, 2014:

traded hero04 for x88s02 with [personal profile] yokatta
traded moonlight19, nyo04 and trailblazer05 for swallow02, paranoia02 and robots10 with [personal profile] preternatural
received bell20, expelled04, homicidal09, sagittarius18 and squats06 from Graffiti
received deer01, galax09 and stockpot15 from Guess the Color
traded a blue crayon for x88s03 with [personal profile] buttmage
traded spacepirate08 for ironmaiden/x-laws07 with [personal profile] possibilityleft

april 29th, 2014:

traded stockpot15 for witchhunter18 with [personal profile] blinkingrune
traded squats06 for swallow15 with [personal profile] laexdream
traded graywolf15 and graywolf16 for fullmetal09 and chozo15 with [personal profile] kues
traded galax09 for thepaper16 with [personal profile] fuchsian

april 30th, 2014:

traded bounty20, bunny02, deer01, patch11 and sagittarius18 for cryokinesis14, swallow01, war10, war16, witchhunter03 with [personal profile] phibby
traded bell20 for abh18 with [personal profile] laurant
received ogredemon19 and wien14 from Art Lessons with Rukia
received eleven01, first11, sailorfuku19, unwritten07, a red crayon and a gray crayon from the art shop
traded hanafuda14, rai13 and unwritten07 for amaterasu02, emotion16 and revive09 with [personal profile] inarticulate
traded eleven01 for chozo04 with [personal profile] tempestuously
gifted chozo05, kwando20, mystery01 and war07 by [personal profile] tempestuously

may 1st, 2014:

traded bass16, expelled04, osuwari08, scorch14, tachikaze20, underworld13 for alias12, kwando17, titania18, typhoon13, witch03 and witchhunter05 with [personal profile] adurotum
traded homicidal09 for alias07 with [personal profile] aestivalis
received knowledge19, parties01, sniff14 and teasing16 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
received crowds07, daathic18, jaganshi14, madcancer20 and needles07 from Reading Between the Lines
traded crows07, knowledge19 and teasing16 for amaterasu01, amaterasu19 and swallow20 with [personal profile] poland
traded daathic18 for cryokinesis19 with [personal profile] toran
traded parties01 for shinigami11 with [personal profile] points
received barrier11, mirage15, toran17 and a red crayon for Mastering Swallow
received swallow06, swallow07, swallow08 and swallow13 from the art shop
traded pariah05 for x-laws08 with [profile] zettaimurai

may 2nd, 2014:

traded toran17 for rouge03 with [personal profile] eyvindur
traded sig_liz2 for sig_caitie with [personal profile] commandant
traded first11, identity16, needles07, sniff14, writer20 for alias16, fight18, potato11, shinigami01, shinigami16 with [personal profile] fall
traded venus04 for east07 with [personal profile] chronikle
traded unison19 for permafrost20 with [personal profile] murkrows
received bye-bye04, gamevil10, kira07 and prisoner01 from Ansem's Player Report
traded two yellow crayons for two orange crayons with [personal profile] toran
traded bye-bye04, mystery01 and noble16 for amaterasu09, kaze15 and krisna13 with [personal profile] minteaprince
traded a brown crayon for a red crayon with [personal profile] kuranosuke
traded logout10 for cyborgidol02 with [personal profile] preternatural
traded rouge03 for amaterasu10 with [personal profile] empanadas
received mirage16, mirage17, mirage19, war02, war09, war13, war15 and war19 from the art shop
traded permafrost20 for cryokinesis12 with [personal profile] headset
received eclipse03, wait13, war18 and a blue crayon for mastering Mirage
received alias02, circle19, corporal07 and a red crayon from mastering War
traded flash15 for fleur14 with [personal profile] reneetwist

may 3rd, 2014:

traded emotion16 and wien14 for kwando15 and kwando18 with [personal profile] chuu
traded murasame12 for childarmy06 with [personal profile] ixionesis
traded kira07 for familiar08 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded vierge17 for beast13 with [personal profile] gammacrank
received curemelody15, gynoid08, hiraikotsu11, hiraikotsu12, hiraikotsu18, hiraikotsu20, hymn02, hymn05, hymn16, hymn18, hyourinmaru01, hyourinmaru02, hyourinmaru03, hyourinmaru04, hyourinmaru05, hyourinmaru06, hyourinmaru07, hyourinmaru08, hyourinmaru10, hyourinmaru11, hyourinmaru15, hyourinmaru16, hyourinmaru18, lightmusic01, lightmusic04, lightmusic06, lightmusic07, lightmusic08, lightmusic13, sorceress02, sorceress08, sorceress09, sorceress12, sorceress15, sorceress17, sorceress19, voidgear13, voidgear17, voidgear19 from [personal profile] lanvaldear
traded lightmusic01, lightmusic04, lightmusic07, lightmusic08 and lightmusic13 for beast18, crusnik02, countess07, flash10 and rose13 and a purple crayon with [personal profile] sal

may 4th, 2014:

traded ladyluck16 for x-laws10 with [personal profile] dinos
traded ogredemon19 for x88s05 with [personal profile] bats
traded sailorfuku19 for detectives08 with [personal profile] dieneces
gifted mystery18 by [personal profile] despedia
received carefree18, gadoria04, ignored19, inferiority15 and paradox17 from Pokeradar
received ember01, tackle19, and worry03 from Help Miss Kamila
received detectives14 and wushu05 from Help Miss Kamila
received diamonds16, fuukan14, happyda08, sariassong17, timetravel04, and vampirecat01 from Pokeradar 182 and 183
received 1stchild10, bard12, bokken06, bound09, klarerwind19, sunrune09 from Continue the Story with Unown
traded laevatein06, laevatein09, laevatein16 for fight12, graywolf06, graywolf19 with [personal profile] oriaon
gifted patch12 by [personal profile] oriaon
traded ember01 for patch05 with [personal profile] utsuwa
gifted cryokinesis06 and gambler04 by [personal profile] emberwishes
gifted curepeach20, prison06, qipao07, stapler19, wired06, wired08, wired09, wired11 and wired13 by [personal profile] oriaon
traded circle19 for gunblade03 with [personal profile] oriaon
traded flamboyant03, flamboyant14, flask07, judge12, judge14, selece20 for countess02, curemelody09, curesword19, diclonius04, fullmetal04 and heartereki01 with [personal profile] ralene
traded kitsune10 for childarmy20 with [personal profile] vivillion

may 5th, 2014:

traded happyda08 for cryokinesis10 with [personal profile] steakmilk
traded gadoria04, hymn05, tackle19 and teapot07 for dranzer06, fight02, fullmetal16 and witchhunter17 with [personal profile] commandant
traded detectives14 for changshan11 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded 1stchild10, gamevil10, hitsuzen14, sariassong17, spacepirate11, woodpecker06, wushu05 and xiii09 for chairman10, hymn08, paranoia01, paranoia07, paranoia09, paranoia15 and saturn12 with [personal profile] hyoga
received grip01, perceptive03, shinigami04 and a yellow crayon from leveling up
received deliver05, hornet04, iwant19, paladin04, points01, thetower13, a green, blue and brown crayon from the art shop
received crocodile16, food12 and witchqueen03 from scrapbook
received brushgods10, misguided10 and pinzu09 from scrapbook
received hornet01, hornet02, hornet03, hornet04, hornet05, hornet06, hornet07, hornet08, hornet09, hornet11, hornet12, hornet14, hornet17, hornet20, sakura06, sakura07, sakura08, sakura09, sakura13, sakura15, sakura17, sakura18, sakura20, snacks13 and snacks20 from [personal profile] lanvaldear

may 6th, 2014:

gifted normalcy04 by [personal profile] sal
lost eternity06 to delete shiritori with medaka. gained apostle14, earth12, power10, snowwhite04 and stories07.
traded bound09, brushgods19, pinzu09 and vampirecat01 for cryokinesis16, kaze07, meimei12 and nameless11 with [personal profile] adurotum
traded misguided10 and prisoner01 for fight10 and sorceress16 with [personal profile] blinkingrune
received carrot04, pendragon05 and sympathetic13 from scrapbook
traded spandex04 for x88s06 with [personal profile] triacedia
received chairman03, cryokinesis04, grafeisen11, grafeisen13, graywolf02, graywolf03, graywolf04, graywolf05, graywolf11 from Recycled Art
traded collector01 for foul03 with [personal profile] shinsengumi
traded sunrune09 for crusnik01 with [personal profile] eyvindur

may 7th, 2014:

traded xiii12 for hymn01 with [personal profile] forevertobestill
gave xiii13 and xiii16 as gifts to [personal profile] forevertobestill
traded grip01, iwant19, nameless11 for s-class10, snacks12, theend01 with [personal profile] needles
received alias19, allsunday19, amour09, anaru01, aries20, beast10, blastia14, bloodline06, caeli19, corrine09, egoist11, frozen13, galemaker01, gero16, godofdeath10, highjump05, inherit08, irides02, kingkazma05, lazier16, lungs19, microbes01, myprince16, niceboat05, pc-9812, pet12, reckless04, save09, shimabara09, stronger11 tights05, vintage12, yourhonor19, youmu19, one red crayon, two yellow crayons, one blue crayon, two purple crayons, three brown crayons and one gray crayon from Easter Egg Hunt
received armored15, effeminate05 and gentle04 from Guess the Color
received 10join14, adam04, adieu18, admiration04, admire15, adonis07, adventure20, after03, akfield12, alioth07, allergen17, amusement05, antares14, anty10, aokiji13, apothecary01, applecot01, archadia07, archadia14, aresweis08, aristocratic01, asphalt02, astraphobia19, athlum07, avoid17, ayesir06, background07, badluck02, badminton15, baker04, bakushin03, bartender03, baseball08, basement06, bearslayer02, beloved06, biancaneve05, birthmark11, birthmark12, biscuit11, bk-20117, blackbelt11, blackfox18, blast02, blazers09, blazers11, bokken09, bossy09, bow09, boxingring06, brash14, breath02, british19, burst10,cain09, cake18, capsule20, ccarayhua03, cellphone01, chain11, charge20, chartreux18, cheerio07, cheri13, cherry08, cheshire15, childhood02, childish02, childish19, chimera08, cipher12, circus09, claws07, clever20, cliff15, clock14, clover09, college03, college11, college13, conflicted09, corrosion18, counter09, counter18, cruel16, cutegirls09, cybermedic14, dachshund08, damocles10, dandelion10, darkknight01, darksun20, darktailor04, darktailor07, daughter05, deathgod11, decalogue03, deck01, deck04, deimosking05, denpakei19, destiny02, detached02, detached03, detached04, detached06, detached09, detached10, devoured15, diariumejus02, dimension20, disciplinary04, distaste11, ditzy15, dizzy17, dogs19, dominance16, dote08, doujinka04, doujutsu09, drifter15, drinking14, driver16, drunk11, dualwield05, dux14, earphones04, ecure08, edison01, electrifying15, elegies09, empress19, end15, endurance19, engetsu17, engineer19, enigmatic12, etoile10, euphoria13, execute04, fanclub17, fangs20, fantasize11, fengshui11, fifthroom02, fireball12, firstroom17, fishing20, flare01, flare19, flash19, focus12, footloose05, forensics11, fortune10, foxmagic01, french17, fudanshi06, fuhrer04, fulcrum14, fulfill13, garouga14, garugari13, garugari19, gastanets10, gawrsh08, genius07, gehewr09, gehewr11, girly02, glassheart13, glory02, glutton03, god15, grandetoile10, grandson16, graywolf18, greenvale15, growth04, growth15, gryph09, guarddog15, gullible16, haicopy15, haiku18, hairloss02, hakubaiko07, hakubaiko08, happyend18, herbblends19, heroking09, highjump03, horse13, housewife03, human11, hyakkiyakou08, hypervision13, ifraid16, ignition12, ignored08, imitation13, influence11, ink09, innocent08, intelligence13, inventions10, issachar12, ivrogne10, jinduun03, jkd17, joker10, juliet04, juliet07, junk14, junk20, kaiser07, kakaka08, kalina03, kamatari10, kamatari11, kerberous13, kicking03, kidnapped19, kouhai-kun01, koutei14, kshatriya08, kunoichi10, laconic12, lavatein02, lancecorp06, lazy10, lemu06, leopard02, leopard11, liberate07, liladan18, lipstick10, lively04, lolita20, loveless08, loveless17, luckystars09, m017, m1619, madcancer16, magiccancel08, maidcafe03, major12, makai04, makai20, manga09, maou04, marry101, marry13, maru18, mascot05, masou02, mateba02, matriarch14, mavrou11, mayor05, mechanical12, medicines20, mercurius13, meyvn12, milk06, milk18, minor12, miracle06, misanry03, missions06, moe19, moirae11, morning04 and moscow03 from [personal profile] lanvaldear
traded galemaker01, lungs19 and snowwhite04 for broadway18, palemoon13 and paranoia05 with [profile] kuronosuke

may 8th, 2014:

traded carrot04, imitation13, myprince16, witchqueen03 for luckystars01, luckystars03, luckystars08, saturn10 with [personal profile] poland
traded decalogue03, leopard02, pc-9812, spandex14, tightrope05 for amaterasu08, hiraikotsu01, hiraikotsu05, maxwell08 and snowboard01 with [personal profile] kues
traded dizzy17, earphones04 and moe19 for chairman01, diclonius12, and moscow20 with [personal profile] vivillion
received 3rdchild12, embodiment12, fashion15 and reliability19 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
received baths10, broccoli17, coach17, deathscythe16, flute09, germany06, legalwife14, perceive10, priestess18, roses19 and a brown crayon from Reading Between the Lines
traded egoist11, firstroom17, m1619 for luckystars04, sensor13, sorceress13 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded frozen13 and reliability19 for taunts19 and witchhunter19 with [personal profile] hyoga
traded fanclub17 for luckystars12 with [personal profile] tomato
traded timetravel04 for flash12 with [personal profile] secretambition
traded adventure20, embodiment12 and perceive10 for chozo06, moscow07, and rainfell01 with [personal profile] preternatural
traded baker04, corrine09, earth12, irides02, issachar12 and liberate07 for koorime14, prima11, prison03, rose06, sensor20, thepaper12 with [personal profile] nyxnoxbox
traded aries20, haiku18, highjump03, highjump05, laconic12 for cyber02, foul08, luckystars07, structure16, theend10 with [personal profile] euploeamulciber
traded muramasa13, points01, and roses19 for paranoia18, snacks09 and a slot (x-laws20) with [personal profile] radria
traded ecure08, engineer19, koutei14, pet12, youmu19 for chairman04, crusnik07, crusnik20, krisna03 and krisna19 with [personal profile] ryner
traded 3rdchild12 and admiration04 for cardinal03 and gynoid20 with [personal profile] aaveplsgo
traded fashion15 for luckystars18 with [profile] diences
received cakepig02, minervykins15 and sympathetic15 from Host Club Giveaway
traded edison01, effeminate05, electrifying15, niceboat05 for chozo16, countess10, moscow16, patch17 with [personal profile] cendol
received alias04, bookeater17, catalyst05, cellphones05, fuyu02, madamered08, nindou11, prisoner02, ruthless02, shapeshift20, shinigami07, shinigami10, shinigami20, a red crayon, a blue crayon and two purple crayons from leveling up three times. I have no life.
traded catalyst05, honnoji03, liladan18 for albhed05, cryokinesis03, rose04 with [personal profile] mori
traded fuyu02 for taunts16 with [personal profile] skybuns
traded destiny02 and ink09 for backlace17 and logout07 with [personal profile] eyvindur
traded after03, bookeater17, housewife03, minervykins15 for beast02, countess03, flash07, rose14 with [personal profile] fall
received cereberus13, detective20, genesis05 and manager03 from Ansem's Player Report
received berrybell19, bills03, drag11, graveryl18, letter04 and shotgun12 from Crosswords
traded apostle14, caeli19, power10 for krisna08, revive07, snacks08 with [personal profile] beccastareyes
traded applecot01, badluck02, blast02, gawrsh08, hornet03, maidcafe03, minor12 and yourhonor19 for alias18, crusnik17, kaze09, kaze19, sorceress10, witch14, witchhunter12 and witchhunter20 with [personal profile] dialny
claimed bluebird20, clergy02, contramundi02, couturier12, himalayan06, indecisive07, kimurar05, married05, mathematics04, scissor03, swingrock11, and x-laws19 from may release
traded swingrock11 for x-laws01 with [personal profile] preternatural
traded contramundi02 for x-laws06 with [personal profile] swagu
received kamatari01 and ring19 from referrals
traded bluebird20 for x-laws04 with [personal profile] acperience
traded thetower13 for x-laws18 with [personal profile] murkrows

may 9th, 2014:

traded apothecary01, broccoli17, cerberus13 for s-class07, s-class09, s-class16 with [personal profile] harukami
traded berrybell19, graveryl18, ivrogne10, kingkazma05, manager03, medicines20, priestess18, tights05 for chozo14, graywolf12, meimei16, mischief01, moscow12, prison20, ronin04, ronin07 with [personal profile] admiral
traded background07 for amaterasu06 with [profile] zettaimurai
received badgrades19, barrels02, better10, conman11, doubledash16, kwando01, kwando05, kwando09, kwando10, kwando11, kwando13, kwando14, mystery06, redshoes19, status11, seeress08, one orange crayon, one yellow crayon, and two blue crayons from the art shop
traded blastia14, prisoner01, prisoner02 for cardinal10, hatter09 and moscow18 with [personal profile] laurant
traded athlum07, nindou11, reckless04, shimabara09 for cardinal08, sensor07, key01, key02 with [personal profile] gammacrank
traded inferiority15 for koorime08 with [personal profile] swagu
received corpse10, haro20, overpower05, rafale10, shard01, zephyr20 and an orange crayon from A Challenger Appears!
traded married05 for x-laws13 with [personal profile] shinsengumi
traded vivace14 for soldiers17 with [personal profile] hyoga
traded circus09, footloose05 and lemu06 for cardinal19, paranoia03 and prisma20 with [personal profile] hanakoanime
gifted structure06 by [personal profile] vivillion
traded cheshire15, germany06 and zephyr20 for caliber19, fleur12 and sensor17 with [personal profile] surskit
traded 10join14, birthmark11, birthmark12, ccarayhua03, crocodile16, prima11 and prima20 for fleur10, fleur13, kaze01, kaze11, meimei13, spandex18 and stripes09 with [personal profile] maesterlicious
traded a green crayon for a gray crayon with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded ayesir06, bloodline06, bow09, clever20, cyber02, elegies09, fireball12, foxmagic01, fuhrer04, hatshepsut08, and paladin04 for cardinal13, chozo03, chozo08, flash12, graywolf05, gunblade14, hiraikotsu15, sorceress01, stapler14, typhoon15, paranoia04 with [profile] brigditkiido
traded aristocratic01 and lancecorp06 for fight03 and moscow06 with [personal profile] bringthefate
traded bard12, brash14, dandelion10, darkson20, dualwield05, end15, flute09, kakaka08, moirae11 and wait13 for backlace04, caliber01, caliber02, caliber13, jaganshi01, luckystars14, rose15, sensor08, sensor09, snowboard18 with [personal profile] moon_wolf
received impatient01, silent18 and whitemage07 from Conan's Clues
received alias06, azoth05, dreamworld10, evenodd14, kwando19, manners15, two brown crayons from mastering Cryokinesis and Kwando

may 10th, 2014:

traded bk-20117 for maxwell06 with [personal profile] citoyenne
traded deck04, diamonds16, flare19, hyakkiyakou08 for cardinal01, crusnik04, curemelody01, curemelody18 with [personal profile] anruik
traded koorime06 for x-laws17 with [personal profile] admiral
traded woodpecker04, woodpecker05 and woodpecker15 for curepeach03, theend04 and witchhunter15 with [personal profile] fuchsian
received cousin02 and onett08 from Help Miss Kamila
received lorikeet06 and territorial14 from Kiss the Cook
traded alioth07, baths10, coach17 and dogs19 for fight19, moscow07, snowboard17 and spandex11 with [personal profile] miyoungie
traded cousin02 for x-laws11 with [personal profile] chronikle
traded stripes09 for wired16 with [personal profile] empanadas
traded haro20 for x-laws16 with [personal profile] anruik
traded east07, microbes01 and pendragon05 for rose01, spandex04 and taunts20 with [personal profile] skybuns
traded maru18 for stapler20 with [personal profile] lochvaan

may 11th, 2014:

traded antares14, baseball08, cherry08, daughter05, etoile10, fishing20, girly02 for broadway13, chozo10, countess01, curemelody07, hiraikotsu07, stapler07 with [personal profile] despedia
received alias07, alias09, alias10, concern20, cryokinesis08, cryokinesis09, cryokinesis12, cryokinesis15, cryokinesis17, cryokinesis18, dreadlocks07, four03, indra06, prelati17, worry05, one blue crayon and two brown crayons from the art shop
traded adieu18, deathscythe16, deliver05, maou04 and shotgun12 for grafeisen19, koorime17, meimei06, order07, and sorceress03 with [personal profile] ixionesis
traded akfield12, barrier11, clock14, dimension20, endurance19 and lorikeet06 for itako01, itako10, moscow08, palemoon09, paranoia10 and paranoia16 with [personal profile] madoka
received mischief04, sealed14, shingetsu17, shinigami12, shinigami13, wingspiker11, a red and yellow crayon from mastering Alias and Fight
traded an orange crayon for x-laws15 with [personal profile] miyoungie
traded damocles10 for snowboard06 with [personal profile] maesterlicious
traded concern20, prelati17, sympathetic15 for backlace18, caliber11, countess09 with [personal profile] needles
traded archadia14 and chain11 for childarmy01 and futuresight07 with [personal profile] mist
traded biancaneve05, lazier16, territorial14 for albhed08, blackrose02 and trashy12 with [personal profile] secretambition
traded overpower05 for noble19 with [personal profile] kuranosuke
traded jintan15 and musicians15 for x-laws14 and soldiers11 with [personal profile] moes
traded corpses10 for countess08 with [personal profile] emberwishes
received amaterasu20, fuukan15, gekokujou14, guard19, hallmonitor03, hyourinmaru20, talented01, unfaltering17, witchhunter11, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon and a purple crayon from mastering Hyourinmaru, Shinigami and Witch Hunter
traded fortune10 for a yellow crayon with [personal profile] murkrows

may 12th, 2014:

traded hypervision03, kalina03 and letter04 for cheerful08, curemelody10 and palemoon01 with [personal profile] rollinghero
traded mechanical12 and vintage12 for beast09 and curepeach09 with [personal profile] laexdream
received ribbons09, trigger17 and witness12 from Delete Shiritori
received shinigami09 and shinigami19 from art studio. lost bakushin03, cakepig02, childish19, detached04, disciplinary04, ditzy15.
traded archadia07, bokken06, bokken09 and four03 for emotion18, goodluck09, prison14, thepaper01 with [personal profile] fuchsian
received coordinator12, protestant08, spain16 and a gray crayon from donating Revocs
received dattebayo10, hunter05, sexta15 and an orange crayon from donating X-Laws
traded barrels02, growth04, growth15 for countess15, cyber18 and witch13 with [personal profile] karayan
received alioth02, archaeology20, bubblebeam17, misguided01, pandora10, pluses17, shinigami14, shinigami17, a red crayon and a blue crayon from leveling up
traded basement06, sealed14 and wingspiker11 for blackrose05, jaganshi03 and systems13 with [personal profile] commandant
traded azoth05, evenodd14, greenvale15, hallmonitor03, legalwife14, spain16, trigger17 for jaganshi20, mystery01, ronin08, spandex14, spiritwave04, spiritwave18 and thieves12 with [personal profile] minteaprince
received abh01, abh03, abh07, abh09, abh10, chairman06, chairman14, changshan13 foul04, krisna09, thepaper09 from Recycled Art
traded scissor03 for x-laws05 with [personal profile] magaru
traded couturier02 for x-laws12 with [personal profile] kues

may 13th, 2014:

received cryokinesis18, revive03, sensor01, sensor02, sensor03, sensor06, sensor15, thepaper02, thepaper04 and thepaper08 from Recycled Art
received akuma09, faction15, kei20, terran02, and tetsuo16 from Graffiti
traded terran02 for itako18 with [personal profile] toran
traded capsule20 for broadway15 with [personal profile] phibby
traded protestant08 for bohemian03 with [personal profile] beccastareyes
traded admire15 for blackrose15 with [personal profile] empanadas
received 77705, gadgets08 and schism04 from Guess the Color
traded gekokujou14 for gambler10 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded bohemian03 for luckystars10 with [personal profile] preternatural
received analyze08, aptx486907, badda-boom05, coordinator04, crystal12, damocles02, dog-like09, ensign12, express16, feel15, gourmet17, jester03, masou10, mellow15, nova20, pacifist08, plant09, prithivi14, quick05, ratsbane06, sword01, ssvd14, tekigousha14, visualizer11, world-class04 and a gray crayon from The Poet's Acrostic Trading Post
traded express16 for hallmonitor13 with [personal profile] preternatural
traded quick05 for trashy04 with [personal profile] toran
received abh05, chernabog02, naught08 and a gray crayon from mastering Revive
traded hallmonitor13 for sensor05 with [personal profile] commandant
traded familiar06, human11, klarerwind19, onett08 and tetsuo16 for chairman05, foul06, lightmusic10, order18, prison08 with [personal profile] estamir
traded distaste11 and moscow07 for childarmy14 and gambler18 with [personal profile] sal

may 14th, 2014:
received lockedin04 and utsuwa07 from Art Lessons with Rukia
traded coordinator04 and nova20 for darkside18 and goodluck18 with [personal profile] secretambition
traded fulfill13 for grafeisen20 with [personal profile] eclair

may 15th, 2014:

received cheshire14, clumsy09, cute13 and delinquent14 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
received anterograde16, lilac04, song15 and worry03 from Reading Between the Lines
traded schism04 and ssvd14 for pendulum15 and selfless19 with [personal profile] nyxnoxbox
received allergen15, beastfang03, coffee07, flowerclip11, hyourinmaru12, hyourinmaru17, kickboxer04, playwright19, pureblood04, revive03, revive05, revive13, revive14, revive15, revive20, septette13, shakushi12, sukonbu20, witchhunter01, witchhunter02, witchhunter04, witchhunter08, youngest20, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon, a green crayon, two brown crayons and one gray crayon from the art shop
traded kicking03 for nekopunch15 with [personal profile] lochvaan
traded fangs20, fulcrum14, indra06 and liberate07 for curemelody20, foul13, fullmetal05, meimei10 with [personal profile] byakkun
received abh08, falena18, secondlife14 and a brown crayon from mastering X-Laws
traded beastfang03, coffee07, cute13, lilac04, misguided01, septette13 and sukonbu20 for seven brown crayons with [personal profile] skybuns
traded diariumejus02 and madamered08 for countess11 and palemoon07 with [personal profile] eyvindur
traded selfless19 for gambler09 with [profile] eupoleamulciber
traded archaeology20, badda-boom05, bubblebeam17, chernabog02, doubledash16, kidnapped19, matriarch14 and pacifist08 for albhed13, combat06, curebeat03, goofy10, hairclips04, pendulum14, pluto14, vassal01 with [personal profile] netbug009
traded plant09 for prison01 with [personal profile] kuranosuke
traded feel15 for caliber08 with [personal profile] kues
traded pandora10 for structure10 with [personal profile] yokatta
traded utsuwa07 for snacks06 with [personal profile] utsuwa
received cafe10, countess04, envious15 and an orange crayon from mastering Foul
received mindofgod04, nature05, refreshing17 and undine07 from Ansem's Player Report
received futuresight16, greathorn06 and maiden01 from Conan's Clues
traded better10, cafe10, cheri13, clumsy09, college03, college11, college13, coordinator12, detached09, detached10, dreamworld10, falena18, masou02, masou10, song15, talented01, undine07, unison12 and unison16 for cyber17, gamble01, gamble05, gamble07, gamble10, jaganshi07, jaganshi15, mononoke11, mononoke13, mononoke15, mononoke19, order11, patch10, prison12, prison15, prison17, ring09, ring10, ring16 with [personal profile] possibilityleft

may 16th, 2014:

traded two orange crayons for two blue crayons with [personal profile] fuchsian
traded goofy10 for over900015 with [personal profile] needles
received cabbage17, iwant08, thepaper03 and a brown crayon from mastering Abh
received crusnik06, estabul04, miracles10 and a blue crayon from mastering The Paper
traded hairclips04 and pureblood04 for berserker06 and combat15 with [personal profile] kuranosuke
received aniue16, rocker13, villains15 and yin05 from Continue the Story with Unown
traded kei20 for meimei11 with [personal profile] moon_wolf
traded crystal12 and jester03 for gamble18 and grafeisen16 with [personal profile] maesterlicious
traded badgrades19 and lockedin04 for futuresight17 and mononoke04 with [personal profile] cendol

may 17th, 2014:

traded amusement05, breath02, counter18, darktailor04, euphoria13, fengshui11 and genius07 for coupdetat09, curepeach15, flash15, graywolf08, shard13, spiritwave12 and vivace07 with [personal profile] nidoking
received revocs08 from Graphics Special Announcement
traded cheshire14 for diclonius02 with [personal profile] harukami
traded deimosking05 and worms18 for gal19 and meimei14 with [personal profile] gammacrank
traded perceptive03 and sexta15 for caliber11 and order03 with [personal profile] cautiousardent
traded rocker13 for key15 with [personal profile] chuu

may 18th, 2014:

received abh11, abh12, abh16, ball13, beautymark09, cape06, closest13, dodo19, foul01, foul05, foul07, foul09, foul10, foul12, foul14, foul16, foul17, foul18, foul19, foul20, sen18, thepaper13, thepaper17, thepaper19, thepaper20, a red crayon, a yellow crayon and a gray crayon from the art shop
traded three orange crayons for three yellow crayons with [personal profile] vivillion
traded a green crayon for a gray crayon with [personal profile] eyvindur
traded ensign12 for diclonius113 with [personal profile] eyvindur
traded a red and brown crayon for two yellow crayons with [personal profile] kuranosuke
traded cellphones05, genesis05 and lazy10 for luckystars02, luckystars11 and luckystars15 with [personal profile] magaru
received chat14, crusnik08, theyounger19 and an orange crayon from mastering Fleur

may 19th, 2014:

traded curebeat03 and revocs08 for palemoon10 and pulse10 with [personal profile] vivillion
traded adam03, boxingring06, chat14 and darktailor07 for actress18, logout05, logout09, potato20 with [personal profile] miyoungie
traded alioth02 for countess19 with [personal profile] aurorawing

may 20th, 2014:

received byakko09, faction06, iga04, littleevil14, marshmallow04 and six16 from Beauty Pageant
received hymn08, petshop03 and restore18 from Guess the Color
traded june slot 01 (blueknights05) for wolborg/neoborg01 with [personal profile] kuranosuke

may 21st, 2014:

received nanamin08 and shepherds13 from Art Lessons with Rukia
traded actress18 for patch06 with [personal profile] empanadas
traded godofdeath10, manners15, mavrou11, mayor05, revive03 and visualizer11 for combat13, key05, marble14, noble16, noble20, rainfell19 with [personal profile] beezebeora
traded ball13, faction06, pluses17 and ratsbane06 for meimei03, pendulum02, s-class20 and snacks03 with [personal profile] phibby
traded nanamin08 for sensor19 with [personal profile] sal

may 22nd, 2014:

received badfortune16, benefits16, blind12, bossun01, bungee15, jindujun05, mochimazui02, opast04, shannaro20, wine16 and a blue crayon from Reading Between the Lines
received aerialace20, desserts05, izumo17 and yakisoba01 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
traded redshoes19 for backlace07 with [personal profile] secretambition
received create03, knghts07 and lollipops03 from Host Club Giveaway

may 23rd, 2014 (or otherwise known as prizepalooza day):

received ribbon13, susanoo15 and timeslip19 from Conan's Clues
lost familiar08 and cutegirls09. received dna14, machinegun16, museum19, oracle05, peterpan05 and scalchop07 from Crazy Colors
received 142cm11, bablyon18, deus14 and replicant15 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru
received ruby07, schoolidol14, sing03, and waterdrop09 from Ansem's Player Report
received crossspear11, elegies14, flaming09, juniorjr08, marksman02, and soapland14 from Crosswords
traded cape06 for blackrose07 with [personal profile] dialny
received kodama06, mamushi15 and paimon16 from Seiyuu Guess
received countering07, entrails06, quality11 and razorfan12 from A Challenger Appears
traded june slot 02 (orca03) for wolborg02 with [personal profile] needles
received guchu07, kaijou02 and part-time09 from Seiyuu Guess
traded herbblends19 for maxwell01 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded kaijou02 for stapler17 with [personal profile] hanakoanime

may 24th, 2014:

traded beautymark09, paimon16, restore18 and shepherds13 for futuresight08, hatter16, hiraikotsu19 and snacks10 with [personal profile] rubatosis
received bloodscythe06, countess05, countess06, ladiesman07, posh156, ruinmode05, wildflower06, an orange crayon and a gray crayon from leveling up
received bum11, jabot01 and poopgod15 for donating to Suzumura Kenichi's deck.
received aristocrat14, cposs10, harvard04, skirt01, sogeking14 and tennyo03 from Pick a Color

may 25th, 2014:

traded byakko09 and harvard04 for dranzer08 and gambler01 with [personal profile] euploeamulciber
received checkmate05, chomechome01, dyaus12, ooparts20, professor20, silvana10, swindler03, summoner03, tengu12, voile02, a red crayon and a blue crayon from Graffiti
traded june slot 03 (HM-43205) for wolborg03 with [personal profile] empanadas
traded june slot 04 (harasho17) for wolborg04 with [personal profile] secretambition
traded june slot 05 (clairvoyant03) for wolborg05 with [personal profile] sal
traded june slot 06 (kichou03) for wolborg06 with [personal profile] rollinghero
traded june slot 07 (whateverSakurai'sdecknameis04) for wolborg07 with [personal profile] hanakoanime
traded june slot 08 (ancestor01) for wolborg08 with [personal profile] dialny
traded june slot 09 (obedient09) for wolborg09 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded june slot 10 (androphobia/fairy02) for wolborg10 with [personal profile] moes
traded kaijou02 for stapler17 with [personal profile] hanakoanime
traded june slot 11 (kannagi08) for wolborg11 with [personal profile] skybuns

may 26th, 2014:

received indecisive19, ladyship06, loyal20 and reflection09 from Spare Parts
traded cabbage17, glassheart13, museum19, and oracle05 for crusnik13, grafeisen01, pulse02 and taunts02 with [personal profile] oddacity
traded dna14 for arrogant09 with [personal profile] secretambition
traded deus14 for alexandria03 with [personal profile] vivillion

may 27th, 2014:

received eroge19, freestyle16 and helpful18 from Help Miss Kamila
traded systems13 for itako13 with [personal profile] byakkun
received 2ndchild03, brother12, fleur01, fleur04, fleur06, fleur08, fleur11, fleur16, fleur19, fleur20, manipulative10, touchthis15, a red crayon and an orange crayon from the art shop

may 28th, 2014:

received forest08, gigant19, and presidente15 from Guess the Color
traded ladyship06 for palemoon03 with [personal profile] toran
received lawyer01 and swords13 from Art Lessons with Rukia
traded freestyle16 for stride15 with [personal profile] empanadas
traded systems13 for itako13 with [personal profile] byakkun

may 29th, 2014:

traded crossspear11 for voidgear10 with [personal profile] lochvaan
gifted snacks14 and theend14 by [personal profile] ivoryandhorn

may 30th, 2014:

received akatsubaki14, hunt15, purehavoc08, torture05 and a purple crayon from Quilting
received countering16, doctor07, lionheart05, magma20, ordinary12 and thing07 from Shadow Watching
received goldsmith17, hydrangea19, pinzu18 and vintage02 from Ansem's Player Report

may 31st, 2014:

traded kodama06 for caliber05 with [personal profile] kippi
traded june slot 12 (heartbuns/heartshaped10) for wolborg12 with [personal profile] vivillion

june 1st, 2014:

received caleria20, darkones16 and fourstival01 from Anniversary
traded june slot 13 (dolphin04) for wolborg13 with [personal profile] zettaimuri
traded three red crayons for three purple crayons with [personal profile] gammacrank
traded voile02 for saturn16 with [personal profile] cendol
traded badfortune16, machinegun16 and ordinary12 for heroic13, s-class17 and silpelit03 with [personal profile] chronikle
traded one blue crayon for one purple crayon with [personal profile] secretambition
traded eclipse03 and gigant19 for crusnik11 and luckystars20 with [personal profile] skybuns
traded delinquent14 for titania19 with [personal profile] emberwishes
traded schoolidol14 for patch08 with [personal profile] preternatural

june 2nd, 2014:

received blacklion14, cetra03, jumbo01, kicking09, medicine03, physician09 and waiting09 from Poet's Acrostic
received assassin05, badfortune05, clumsy05, crossdress13, crusnik14, crusnik15, imitation09, major06, rash14, real01, sadistic02, selamatpagi05, a red crayon, three green crayons, two blue crayons, and a purple crayon from mastering Countess, Crusnik and Lucky Stars

june 3rd, 2014:

received catgirl13, domineering05 and ninja06 from Pokeradar
received bond18, hamster17 and summoner18 from Delete Shiritori. lost worry03.
received compass03, kenjutsu04, kicking03 and tableware05 from Spare Parts
received another16, crusnik19, fourstival02, passion12, unknown01, waterdrop02, yaoi16, an orange crayon and a brown crayon from Anniversary Day Two Prizes
traded helpful18, nature05 and swords13 for marble03, mischief14 and mischief16 with [personal profile] radria
received cold07, countess12, countess13, countess14, countess16, countess17, countess20, crusnik19, egret17, euphoria04, fantasy03, icebeam12, luckystars06, luckystars13, luckystars16, luckystars19, partner04, performer09, snowwhite04, yoga19, a red crayon, an orange crayon, two yellow crayons and a purple crayon from the Art Shop
received danceflame20, realeater15 and zwei01 from donating to Seinen

june 4th, 2014:

received blueking02, sevenseas07 and solarhands05 from donating to Josei
received aokiji16, boy12, curerouge06, elocution14, henshin01, izayoi03, otomen16, panic12, prosper08, rabbit11, silverrose16, yamabuki11 and a red crayon from Seiyuu Guess
received jealous01 and miracles20 from Art Lessons
received courage06, dodo04, report08 and taisa09 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
received goodluck07, goodluck12, itako16, kid09, kid11, shard17, snacks01, snacks02, snacks18, snacks19 from Recycled Art

june 5th, 2014:

traded sen18 for witch12 with [personal profile] fuchsian
traded aptx486907, detective20, god15, goldsmith17 for futuresight20, logout18, marine17, and takeover12 with [personal profile] moes
received ambition17, centurio10, katamari04, oceanwave17, and a gray crayon from Mod Pay
received ploys09, romeo17 and whitehorse17 from Host Club Giveaway
received hardworking06, mizuki10, perception07 and precious20 from Ansem's Player Report
received darkones10, imaginal04, mushroom19, psychometry04, revocs11 and winglet16 from Crosswords
traded opast04 for spiritwave14 with [personal profile] steakmilk
received donmai09, messhouen09, sbjk14 and spells03 from Shadow Watching
received bk-20115, harass01, leo19, scissor07, tomochin12 and tranquil13 from Conan's Clues

june 6th, 2014:

traded courage06, estabul04, otomen16, waiting09, yin05 for blackrose15, caliber07, curepine19, nekopunch01 and structure19 with [personal profile] dieneces
traded ooparts20 for stripes03 with [personal profile] eyvindur
gifted gynoid01 and kaze12 by [personal profile] buttmage
traded bond18, henshin01 and icebeam12 for beast16, gal16 and swordswoman05 with [personal profile] vivillion
received aimless03, allure09, armadillo20, beli08, catgirl10, chartreux14, curemuse19, elemia11, forte02, guardian14, hanafuda07, health-care20, invader09, kasshin11, kusanagi16, leo11, lotus17, mafioso01, masou10, piercing01, powerpuff19, ragnarok06, rayearth20, shards08, tomb17, trusting02, younger20, a yellow crayon and a green crayon from Acrostic Poet's Trading Post

june 8th, 2014:

traded aerialace20, forest08 and swindler03 for sorceress04, sorceress20 and takeover16 with [personal profile] acperience
received blondie03, eternia13, friendship17, and shaman15 from Continue the Story with Unown
received 2ndchild02, 2ndchild05, 2ndchild18, krisna01, nirvash01, nirvash02, prison02, prison03, prison05 and prison07 from Recycled Art
received childlike13 and monta15 from Help Miss Kamila
traded 142cm11, allsunday19, badfortune05, bartender03, crossdress13, doctor07, elocution14, miracles20, oceanwave17, sing03, spells03, and vassal01 for 2ndchild07, cardinal09, cardinal15, curebeat09, curebeat16, curepassion17, curemuse01, curemuse04, curerhythm18, gamble06, mws17, myths15, voidgear16 with [personal profile] fall
received akuma04, cr-s0116, debauchery08, golems05, haven19, housekeep08, ignored05, memorized03, placetobe14, samekh18 from Pick a Color
traded clumsy05 for s-class13 with [personal profile] reneetwist
traded eternia13 for kritya16 with [personal profile] fuchsian
traded juniorjr08 for gal20 with [personal profile] gammacrank
received hachimaki14, infatuated02, investigator13 and sociopath20 from A Challenger Appears!

june 10th, 2014:

received 66919, choice08, neptune12, seminar10 and xiv08 from Graffiti
received scavenger18 and tauburn04 from Help Miss Kamila
traded sociopath20 for viewpoint13 with [personal profile] empanadas
gifted beast06, beast17 and moscow05 by [personal profile] sal
traded powerpuff19 for wolborg15 with [personal profile] possibilityleft
received ember06, psp06 and sacrifice03 from Directions
claimed blueknights05, orca03, hm-43205, harasho17, clairvoyant03, kichou03, apologetic04, ancestor01, obedient09, androphobia02, kannagi08, heartbuns10, dolphin04, josei16, seinen07 and taunts04 from June's Release
lost curesword19, cyborgidol02 and heartereki01 for May's Pot of Gold.
received darkmay17, fourstival03, free01, guertena14, kosmos10, meimei04, mysterious19, oyaji02, sewing05, subordinate03 and white06 from Anniversary's Third Day
traded miracles10 for patch15 with [personal profile] moes
received basil01, billionaire04, bolt17, camaraderie16, defeated18, demonic15, epyon05, extreme11, faintattack08, fear13, finland09, goldfish03, hylia08, isako05, kazoku06, lacytanga13, makai06, milk18, moderator17, nephew05, nude01, ophelia09, orbis02, roseprince15, scientists18, spiderqueen04, tenbuhorin11, thunder11, titania04, tortured10, yakuza07, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon and a green crayon from Pot of Gold
received confidence17, countering12, gourmand06, ironmouse20, misfortune02, moe10 and a yellow crayon from Guess the Color
traded countering12 and yamabuki11 for stapler13 and survive01 with [personal profile] dialny
gifted myths07 by [personal profile] sal

june 11th, 2014:

traded cross10, ember06, scalchop07, tableware05 and yaoi16 for arrogant18, mononoke01, nekopunch17, spiritwave06 and survive16 with [personal profile] emberwishes
received analysis16 and exactly08 from Art Lessons with Rukia

july 1st, 2014:

received lorikeet06 and points07 from Help Miss Kamila
received cheerful07, cheerful13, gambler06, gunblade05, gunblade10, gunblade11, gunblade12, gunblade16, gunblade20, undying20 from Recycled Art
received blackrabbit02, fourstival07 and graywolf15 from Anniversary Day 7
received fraternal12, rip-off05, spirited20, vanargandr10 from A Challenger Appears!
received archery19, average14, caduceus12, fourstival05, okonomiyaki10 and ruin06 from Anniversary Day 5
received fourstival10, tonfar01, twelfth04 and windward11 from Anniversary Day 10
received fourstival08 from Aru's Anniversary Game
received copper01, fourstival09, guild08 and an orange crayon from Anniversary Day 9
received bentenmaru11, bonds07, excalibur19, rattata19, scientific17 and skeptic05 from Pick a Color
received disaresta15, embodiment13, plant17 and shrine04 from Hibiki's Fan Mail
received fencer08, lucky16 and saiyaman12 from Host Club Giveaway
received letranger08, mom08, peace11 and vocalist09 from Ansem's Player Report
received cryokinesis05, divulgence17 and veil09 from Guess the Color
received bluesky12, fang07, focus07, geika02, graveryl05, honnoji08, kirinfang04, marionette18, nova20, shikon08, strategos08, tekou13, a blue crayon and a brown crayon from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
received policeman12 and teikoku02 from Continue the Story with Unown
received darkdjinn04 and recesssive20 from Art Lessons with Rukia
received alias07, atonement17, bentenmaru20, enchantress01, equation05 and stealth18 from Pokeradar
received kijin06, luminous02 and soporific04 from Directions
received engokuki03 and movepoint04 from Kiss the Cook
received at-low11, corpse16, everybirdie19, pisces10, pulse06, smile11, twinstar08 and travel04 from Spare Parts
received artist13 and curesword11 from Kiss the Cook
received amiable13, attached13, beastfang04, boisterous10, broadway12, codename03, curerouge14, deduction12, desserts08, faithful15, flight19, gergo08, icy18, ilmago10, jewel03, lyre11, pageant18, roodbearer01, serious20, shadaloo16, tenshi15, twig14, an orange crayon, a yellow crayon and a green crayon from Mod Pay
received archaeology02, blank11, caliber01, curepeach11, domination03, mint16 and socute16 from Delete Shiritori
received ardent03, fairytale01, flute08, tabris09 and vanargandr01 from Colors Chat
received emperor02, kita14, mathematics13 and truebeauty04 from Delete Shiritori
received clairvoyant13, emishi01 and marimo13 from Seiyuu Guess
received doujinshi09, iyashikei08 and rival05 from Seiyuu Guess
received autozam02, blame11, nun17 and an orange crayon from donating Wanted
received lure14, missdeep18, perfect01 and a gray crayon from donating Wolborg
received galge05, pitcher03, sariassong19 and an orange crayon from donating Ballet
received cuter15, happyda05, laevatein16 and pokedex01 from Hibiki's Fan Mail
received addict12, pinkpearl10 and toon20 from Conan's Clues
received fourstival04, a brown crayon and a gray crayon from Anniversary Day 4
received bolt01, hellmaster07, hornless05 and servant12 from Ansem's Player Report
received believer11, chainsaw12, code0318, commander18, contests04, cruel17, icy10, nullify02, precepts02, roland17, strongest15, swordia19, television04, tsunpo02, a green crayon and a brown crayon from Reading Between the Lines
received breeder12, dreamworld17, express09, jetstream04, jewelknight08, peddler08, tianzi20, valentines07, and a brown crayon from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party
received comnet20 and faith19 from Shadow Watching
traded fear13 for heir16 with [personal profile] needles
received fourstival06 from Anniversary Day 6
received analysis16 and exactly08 from Art Lessons with Rukia
received 2ndchild08 and trace17 from Referral