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collecting: actively seeking; absolutely not for trade.

future decks: high-priority is a no. medium to low-priority, just ask. i reserve the right to say no, but generally if i see you have more cards than i do, the card is yours, especially if you offer me something i'm collecting already.

trade decks: always available to trade! please ask for as much as you want. ♥ if it seems like you don't have something i want, link me to your trade pile. i love shopping in trade piles!

pencils: if i'm close to mastering a deck with the pencil color you want, then i may say no. however, i normally will trade these away if you're closer to mastering the deck than i am!

member cards: found here. if you want to trade member cards, feel free to do so!

i always love new trading buddies! if you want to be mine, please let me know so i can add you!

code by [community profile] cawaii. modified by me.

banner from angryangryasian.

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