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New Colors' trading log.

January 2015 | February 2015 | March 2015 | April 2015


Traded poopgod15 for heavymetal20 with [personal profile] vethica
Traded garouga14 for hiphop02 ([personal profile] arilyn9's January slot.)
Traded littleevil14, six16, soapland14, xiii18 for cardinal17, chairman19, dranzer01 and graywolf17 with [personal profile] canute
Traded addict12 and vanargandr01 for grafeisen07 and x88s19 with [personal profile] fall
Traded bungee15 and rival05 for gunblade19 and meimei09 with [personal profile] hyoga
Traded breeder12 and darkdjinn04 for hatter02 and intention01 with [personal profile] nidoking
Traded bloodscythe06 and sevenseas07 for hatter04 and hatter20 with [personal profile] needles
Traded cellphone01 and create03 for backlace08 and cardinal05 with [personal profile] sal
Gifted hatter05, hatter18, headmaster09, headmaster11, headmaster18, intention02, intention03, intention19, makai14, meimei08, order12, order15, pucelle01, pucelle03, pulse17 and x88s18 by [personal profile] sal
Gifted pendulum18, spandex03, stern02, stitches01, stitches03, throttle15 and typhoon07 by [personal profile] vethica
Earned hitsuzen09, oblivion19, puns20, real18, sillier19, spaz13, usu10 and a red crayon from Colors Anniversary Day 8.
Earned classical20, daisy09 and nfu03 from Host Club.
Earned armadillo06 and gloucester18 from Help Miss Kamila.
Traded kirinfang04 for wired07 with [personal profile] estamir.
Traded pitcher03 for lacytanga09 with [personal profile] tsubon.
Earned drifter20, meltdowner06, shocking10 and violence09 from Help Miss Kamila.
Earned artist12 and herbs12 from Help Miss Kamila.
Earned udonge17, ribika16, oath18, chairman06, cantonese14, messhouen20, blaster03, flameking17, whitemage04, twosides19, taisa01, boots03, gaps18, become08, fightgod08, proxy16, manager19, salamander16, poisonivy07 and a red crayon from Pot of Gold.
Earned quick01, girly16 and geisha01 from Scrapbook.
Earned bishi12, caring09, ratsbane06, counter12, mythical20 and a gray crayon from Birthday and Referral.
Traded dattebayo10, flash12, puns20 for fuerza10, intention18 and purpose13 with [profile] scblakdragon.
Traded at-low11, elemia11, gergo08, girly16, guard19, lyre11, moe10, mushroom19, saiyaman12, servant12, tortured10 for amaterasu03, combat01, combat16, comet08, driger18, duel03, genesis03, genesis10, gambler13, impersonate15, rose09, spandex15 with [personal profile] estamir.
Gifted stapler11, umbra12, zanber03 by [personal profile] estamir.
Traded February Slot for osthamanus/kinmoku02 with [personal profile] sal.
Traded chairman06, domination03, presidente15, yaoi16 for ancestor16, intention15, logout20, watergun12 with [personal profile] eyvindur.
Traded armadillo06, kijin06, shannaro20, usu10 for grafeisen05, snacks11, cardinal14 and rose07 with [personal profile] moon_wolf.
Traded blind12, gamble07, gaps18, izayoi03, medicine03, roseprince15, seeress08 for b-rabbit03, impersonate08, lollipops08, lollipops15, stalker14, stern05, symphony19 with [personal profile] preternatural.
Traded copper01, gentle04 and jindujun05 for caliber09, kid10 and punisher11 with [personal profile] sinew.
Traded alias07, commander18, faithful15, gourmand06, hornless05, lorikeet06, report08, smile11, television04, villains15 for breaker19, cardinal07, chainsaw12, heal02, heavymetal12, lacytanga02, lacytanga10, lacytanga11, wanted12 and x88s16 with [personal profile] prisma.
Traded cheerio07, deduction12, marionette18, nova20, trace17 for amaterasu18, b-rabbit16, lollipops07, lollipops09, lollipops14 with [personal profile] kues.
Traded cantonese14, corrosion18, flaming09, flowerclip11, lucky16, manager19, refreshing17, vintage02 for amaterasu04, fuerza19, impersonate08, intention06, intention14, lacytanga15, lacytanga18, maxwell17 with [personal profile] dialny.
Received graywolf16, scientific01, stowaway04, loleus20, graywolf20, deliver11, shrina09, mochimazui04, a red and a blue crayon for leveling up.
received albhed18, lovespells04, taunts10 and a gray crayon for mastering Gray Wolf.
traded marimo13 for curemelody17 with [personal profile] tonko.
traded february slot for osmanthus/kinmoku01 with [personal profile] tonko.
Traded babylon18, brother12, drifter15, nun17, ruin06, sillier19, whitemage04 for amaterasu17, cardinal05, curemelody05, diclonius06, grafeisen05, nekopunch04, zanber13 with [personal profile] gammacrank.
Traded blueking02, everybirdie19 for umbra09, umbra13 with [personal profile] acperience.
Traded mythical20, realeater15 and toon20 for mononoke02, survive17, theend04 with [personal profile] onyxdotexe.
Gifted theend09 and zero05 from [personal profile] onyxdotexe.
Traded messhouen09, messhouen20 for bakuzan06 and sensor14 with [personal profile] kotetsu.
Traded manager19 for wolborg19 with [personal profile] secretambition.
Gifted gambler11 by [personal profile] kuranosuke.
Traded archaeology02, armadillo20, codename03, gastanets10, partner04, poisonivy07, unknown01 for escape03, insurance15, lacytanga14, lollipops15, makai11, weather04, yebisu03 with [personal profile] netbug009.