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May 2015's Colors TCG log.

MAY 2015
Swapped drifter20 for hatter07 at Switch it Up 95.
Traded brave20, g-1214 for fukujun02, psicom16 with [personal profile] zeittari.
Traded attendant18, capture03, chozo12, dreamseer01, dwn-02219, lateshift11, respected19, sequencer20, sympathy02, tekou13, ufo06, wife19 for blonddevil06, blonddevil11, heroic11, heroic19, makai07, makai09, makai19, nests07, nests15, psyqualia13, psyqualia16, tuning02 with [personal profile] estamir.
Gifted birdcalls10, umbrella18 by [personal profile] eonflamewing.
Traded blackberry20, gangster18, koisuru02, roadrage09 for 2ndchild09, angelic04, anti-hero11, archery02 with [personal profile] kues.
Traded arrogant06, babymonster01, gangster18, laguz09, peachpie02, shard13, shattered02, social02, sociopath15 for arrogant08, blessed19, concealing01, escape08, hatter12, ladyluck11, ladyluck12, rhythmia13, weather18 with [personal profile] minteaprince.
Received ares15, throwdown13, just05, harnais09, dee-dee12, catpaw15 from Reading Between the Lines.
Traded arrogant06, believer15, gangster18, patient18, sequencer20 for symphony14, titania15, mononoke06, lovegun01, pulse19 with [personal profile] sal.
Gifted original20, paranoia20 by [personal profile] sal.
Received strawberry16, nocturne13, trailblazer01, adventurer20, intelligent12, sisters14, bluesky12, talent16, batanima17, efficient07, dimwitted17, norimaki17, cult01, talentshow02, engagement10, ebracrypt16, azran01, first03, scan18, fighting03, illomen18, regina12, worldchain04, fox02, experiments09, capoeira06, doberman04, koori10, whipsmack06, nonexistent06, mole13, thesun19, coquettish08, maou10, davinci01, baldy11, responsible07, alchemists07, height10, evenodd16, compy13, organic17, andantino17, ilmago04, curemelody08, morning05, mountains14, exercising11, honeyboy06, taming06, gakuran18, comical03, witchtrial05, witchtrial11, science19, sunrisecafe09, unison17, raider04, dwn-02305, sorry11, prediction13, dice10, zackpedia19, facade10, 3rdchild15, beach07, kou06, two purple crayons, one red crayon, one yellow card and one gray crayon from Mod Pay.
Received supporter08, themoon18, clarines19, x-laws03, foreigner09, disappear17, emotional05, third01, katana11, sagittarius12, cyborgidol15, bikinis18 and a brown crayon from Reading Between the Lines.
Received dodo07, needles19, ahoge13, jetstream08, selece17 from Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa.
Traded bangs12, perlite17 for styx08, toxin20 with [personal profile] stag.
Traded aurite05 for styx04 with [personal profile] magaru.
Traded antares08, toon11, brute11, demonrose20, virtual14, modela08, screams13 for elocution01, exalt19, futuring15, illomen11, ylisse19, samurais20, monado05, sororcide16 with [personal profile] beezebeora.
Received ghostlock14, asphalt08, adventure16, treasurer02, electricity13 from Arzalam's Clues.
Received gakuran02, soryuju13, eyepatch09, hachiko11, cosmogate01, deny10 from Ansem's Player Report.
Received forest10, otaku12, heavens04, code0607, tresbien11 from Host Club Giveaway.
Received gnaw15, chimera18, skater17, pawn12, survive13, naraku16 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party.
Traded demonstone06 for maxwell02 with [personal profile] koohii.
Received blonddevil18, illomen05, illomen06, illomen07, illomen08, illomen09, illomen12, illomen15, illomen16, illomen17, kamui01, kamui17, lovequeen10, spicyageha02, spicyageha05, mid-childa20, zearth01, zearth02, zearth03, zearth10 from Recycled Art.
Received lolita03, lolita05, lolita06, lolita07, lolita12, lolita13, lolita15, lolita20, ring02, ring03, ring04, ring08, ring12, ring13, ring15, ylisse18, zearth15, zearth16, zearth18, zearth19 from Recycled Art.
Received muchourin19, prototype10, banshees16, northitaly08, yellow crayon from Hi-5 Radio 31.
Received strategist04, flagpole18, immature06, 8-bit05 from Hi-5 Radio 30.
Received haven17, real19, freeshooter14, live13, blossom11 from Joke Update.
Received killerqueen13, panther17, sumo08, pinkbow04, spear11 from Graffiti.
Received engokuki03, exchanger05, immelmann12 from donating to Megumi Ogata.
Received musubi20, fullbringer19, bokken20, stray16, wearsamask09 from Graffiti.
Received onett13, yakuza05, drums15, rumraisin03, wutai12 from Guess the Color.
Received soyokaze06, pururun09, a-10010020, revizer15, dialect02, arrogant12 from Oikawa's Fan Mail.
Received grand19, troubadour13, nameless13 and an orange crayon from donating Styx.
Received nii-nii20, scald09, icequeen14 and a purple crayon from donating Toxin.
Received dln-00705, badgrades14, yamakami09 and a green crayon from donating Abused.
Received thehand10, dresses11, a-hall12, undertaker09, conquer17 from Seiyuu Guess.
Received mentor18, dinosaur19, longing08, darkroom05, acrobat13, massacre13 from Reading Between the Lines.
Received ringmaster11, agni07, vanguard04, flashcard06, breast07, solitary17 from Help Miss Kamila.
Received zaku06, aquarium10, children05, pursue19, taisa18, synthesizer19 from Ibuki's Songs.
Received handmaid08, calvaria02, toxic01, ignored12, shingetsu11, phazon13 from Colorseum.
Received sincerity01, snakesword20, slave20, kendo02, ringmaster02, ignored17, yoga08, shippudash11, magdalene20, jet01, demonk02, chain13, monapizza05, crystal05, hamha15, neoarcadia11, goldsmith10, solchakram02, sketchbook04, notlost06, scholarship08, orbit16, pistol05, pushy08, mail18, alive04, photographs05, invisible11, brahms02, luna01, muda19, hyperactive17, sculpted06, bubblegum02, gardening07, waitress02, carcosa18, vinewhip13, esteem17, lycanthe19, round18, 3-a16, seminar05, military10, redjewels06, syringe10, dwn-02318, exercising02, camellia07, scissor08, objection08, two green crayons, two brown crayons and one purple crayon from Mod Pay.
Traded calvaria09 & kaijou12 for dragon-type20, vierge07 with [personal profile] kuranosuke.
Received waitress02, zafkiel05, hod13 from Host Club Giveaway.
Gifted cheerful17 by [personal profile] shadowblight.
Received m1619, aeon10, rosesplash04, kekkai16, axes04, alseides19 from A Challenger Appears.
Received grafeisen01, timetravel10, persocom13, abraxas02, lace20, durandal03, fortune01, oolong17, bored01, mascots20 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party.
Received trigger19, greatwitch18, watch08, otouto01 from Colorseum.
New Decks: bibliophile16, styx20, aurite05, loveshower06, fantastical06, perlite17, bangs12, toxin01, hayashibara05, ogata06. Bonus: trigger06.
Traded azran01, just05, lamentation12 for bakeneko20, curepeach08, monado09 with [personal profile] dieneces.
Traded alseides19, demonic15, inquisitor19, littleevil14, mononoke06, organic17, vritra01 for fitness07, ladyluck17, stalker06, structure14, structure17, swordswoman16, kou12 with [personal profile] karayan.
Received totalwood08, totalwood09, dwn-01811, deimosking15, aries19, protect16, vaniville15, moodmaker02, wired18, infatuated19, a purple crayon and a green crayon from leveling up to Emerald.
Traded blossom11, dee-dee12, strategist04, exchanger05, ahoge13 for ballet17, heavens01, ring20, styx18, yuri01 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon.
Traded cool08, domineering07, hydropump11, lolis16, patient18, respected19, room09, shocking13, silpelit03, a-10010020, abraxas02, abraxas16, aeon10, amamikado05, amamikado09, banshees12, banshees16, asphalt03, asphalt08, birds03, birds19, bored01, bored19, caliber01, caliber10, calvaria02, calvaria09, childish01, childish02, childish05, counter09, counter12, counter18, cruel16, cruel17, cryokinesis10, cryokinesis18, darkroom05, darkroom18, gadgets08, gadgets20 for beasts03, beasts13, berserker08, bigsister02, bigsister05, bigsister18, blessed06, blonddevil13, bloody01, chivalry04, copy06, copy13, copy15, curebeat02, curebeat20, cureberry08, curemuse14, curemuse15, cybernetic11, fitness04, flash17, haro01, hitsuzen07, hitsuzen08, koorime10, knife01, marine05, over900006, ragnarok10, ragnarok13, rainfell06, rainfell14, retainer14, starmagic16, synesthesia04, synesthesia20, valiente04, vierge03, vierge06, voidgear15, weather16 with [personal profile] aaveplsgo.
Traded cloudshrine02 for totalwood19 with [personal profile] sinew.
Traded elegant12, faintattack20, magic11, peach08, widow01 for godaime16, heaven02, mockingbird01, mockingbird03, food20 with [personal profile] magaru.
Traded airblast07, disapprove01, hydropump11, intensity05, laguz09, ricky03, scilab11, thewall13, babylon08, bodhisattva06 for asura01, cheerful16, curepine18, cyborg01, quick05, quick09, ragnarok05, restaurant12, symphony09, blonddevil08 with [personal profile] skybuns.
Traded brash03, conducts18, current20, faint20, garouga16, gloomy03, laguz09, lamentation12, malefic06, sequencer20, snakesword11, spaz13, winery09 for anti-hero02, anti-hero10, curemuse09, curemuse20, escape20, hiphop06, lolita01, ring04, ronin01, rosary14, voidgear04, cure17, romipaku20 with [personal profile] dieneces.
Traded gewehr09, gewehr11, garugari13, garugari19, grafeisen01, grafeisen05, junk14, junk16, junk20, kaitou04, kaitou08, katana06, katana11, loleus16, loleus20 for curepeach05, adore01, birdcalls01, bentenmaru08, futuring08, futuring12, health-care12, health-care13, impersonate18, lovegun12, prima04, prima14, prodigy10, prodigy13, rosary05 with [personal profile] estamir.