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September 2015's Colors TCG log.

Gifted spells10 by [personal profile] eonflamewing.
Gifted curebeat19 by [personal profile] cautiousardent.
Gifted butler19 by [personal profile] estamir.
Gifted parallel07, parallel09 by [personal profile] admiral.
Gifted umn15 by [personal profile] obara.
Traded nagarekawa11 for nia05 with [personal profile] nidoking.
Traded icy03 for impersonate16 with [personal profile] despedia.
Traded themoon18 for toon14 with [personal profile] instrumentality.
Traded orbit16 for obscenity14 with [personal profile] canute.
Traded cherrytree01, louvre15, plant17 & vocalist09 for contract01, contract03, contract04 & contract05 with [personal profile] kuranosuke.
Traded cheese04, comnet03, princesslike16, request09, rosepin16 for curemelody03, shepherds07, umn13, goodluck11, starmiya11 with [personal profile] fortuneparty.
Traded demifiend10, milkyway09, whip07 for beehive16, bushido01, heavymetal10 with [personal profile] vulpecula.
Received feared01, divulgence08, baroque15 from Guess the Color.
Received freshgreen09, quincy12, worldcreate09, gaps16 from Ansem's Player Report.
Received zackpedia15, diariumejus19, divulgence04, hyakkiyakou19, manderville07, prismvoice10 from Colorseum.
Traded outlook05 for mako13 with [personal profile] darjeeling.
Traded accused10, yogurt17, memorybomb06, name12, thebest08, vayu11, witchtrial05, witchtrial11 for adherent18, beehive15, chaos10, paralysis11, heroic07, heroic15, cetra20, chocobo07 with [personal profile] cautiousardent.
Received amarcian03, 3moles06, aresweis18 from Seiyuu Guess.
Swapped bail19 for skyworld18 at Switch it Up.
Swapped blackrose12, aoitori08, demure10 for loveless08, parallel19, fenrir15 at Switch It Up.
Received round13, pegasus08, peacock04, schemer07 from Oikawa's Fan Mail.
Received penguin17, crossdressm17, norway08, taller05 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party.
Received setz16, dryjuice20, sumo01, force07 from Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party.
Received twig01, six01, indra13 from Guess the Color.
Received promotion05, softball16, trusty07, lavaorb09, combat06, a brown crayon and two orange crayons from Day 21.
Received miko06, fishing02, rascal19 from Host Club Giveaway.
Received cleanup19, scrambled02, brutal05, solitary16 from Ansem's Player Report.
Received gunjou10, gasmask19, robin19 from Arazlam's Clues.
Received neighbor11, gekidasa10, heartbuns10, player06, janna04, wien12, devout05, and a purple crayon from Beauty Pageant.
Received greatwitch09, chat04, veggies15, tsunderella08, independent12, ultima11 from Colorseum.
Received fivetastic16, 192cm02, distance07, handystick09 and a blue crayon from Day 16.
Received fivetastic20, dranzer05, moscow01 and two purple crayons from Day 20.
Received salaryman08, stardust12, curehappy14, blinky01, darkroom08, absence01, raise19 from Hi-5 Radio.
Received fivetastic04, corrosion04, blueswan15, dollie04 from Day 4.
Received fivetastic03, windaquario16, temperance19, totalwood10, and an orange crayon from Day 3.
Received extreme09, tasla18 from Help Miss Kamila.
Traded atonement02, archer12, bon07, cafe08, east02 for kamui02, kamui04, paopufruit04, precise05, weather06 with [personal profile] harukami.
Received supporter13, graywolf17, autumn01 and a yellow crayon from donating to Scrapbook 126.
Received bicycle03, cinnamon17, totem-sama12 and a gray crayon from donating to Scrapbook 125.
Gifted 7thheaven02 by [personal profile] chronikle.
Received confidence16, switch04, airhead12 from Pokeradar.
Received princely16, romipaku16, trafficjam06 from Pokeradar.
Received killerbee11, krauser17, zanarkand02 from Pokeradar.
Received vegetables16, curediamond19 from Go Fish.
Gifted jaganshi16 by [personal profile] megumitcg.
Received miracles06, distance06, maihime06 and a gray crayon from donating The Zombie.
Received classy15, amour09, chopsticks08 and a blue crayon from donating Lawnmower.
Received passive07, guilty16, aimstalker02, and a red crayon from donating Bullets.
Received crocodile10, writing08 from Hi-5 Radio.
Received peach09, brat07, realeater18, supports07, kaminokoe14, warfare01, lovelove06, paint17, odd16, eggs07, beloved19, deathblow17, impatient13, teacup04, strikers11, admiral18, weaponry15, jellyfish08, empress18, regrowth11, dojo11, dwn-01511, fists10, daitsuren08, vampirecat09, unburn11, bassist10, tsukuyo05, morganatic01, julia19, allmeans01, stubborn06, missions08, glare07, gald04, wait14, busted01, foodie19, insect17, totem-sama09, madder09, ashikari06, scientists15, castle01, housewife02, seireiden10, julbirthday01, dingjun16, sorcerers13, pervy15, an orange crayon, two purple crayons, two green crayons, one blue crayon and two brown crayons from Pot of Gold.
Traded sorcerers13 for swingrock11 with [personal profile] jailynn.
Traded heybo03 for farseer03 with [personal profile] estamir.
Traded hornet11, landis03, red08, shopkeeper05, shopkeeper16, sen13, candy09, regain14, akizora17, tiny03, cartology09, hope10, 192cm02, 3rdregiment10, 5stars19 for flash20, heaven18, kneel02, lolita02, moogle05, moogle12, moon01, nibelung01, nibelung14, precise03, sakura01, scythe10, sociable03, whirlwind14, whirlwind18 with [personal profile] estamir.
Traded archer12, jingling12 for sociable03, komachi04 with [personal profile] eonflamewing.
Gifted farseer06 by [personal profile] kuzuryu.
Received lumiose16, arphage11, body09 and a blue crayon from Birthday.
Traded rafflesia07 for realian13 with [personal profile] nidoking.
Traded raider04 for roseprince11 with [personal profile] despedia.
Traded red08 for redeyes06 with [personal profile] instrumentality.
Traded real19 for rebirth12 with [personal profile] canute.
Traded reliability11 for report03 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon.
Traded receptionist03 for riddles04 with [personal profile] grandmaestro.
Received outdated05, elegies18, bravery09, chromatus11, viola11, destruction04 and a gray crayon from A Challenger Appears.
Received sculpted01, elegance08, stinger04, pharaoh09 from A Challenger Appears.
Traded pervy15 for shamanking02 with [personal profile] needles.
Traded reckless12 for rockleone11 with [personal profile] needles.
Received ahoki07, moonlight02, mistress2, kemari02, resolute03, overclock18 from Colors Galactic Games Game 4.
Received vulcangun06, ensanguined11 from Help Miss Kamila.
Received panzer10 from Recycled Art.
Received loveless05, loveless16, original12, original14, penguin08, body07, body09, body10, shakugan01, shakugan02, shakugan05, shakugan06, shakugan07, shakugan08, shakugan09, shakugan10, shakugan12, shakugan13, shakugan15, shakugan16, shakugan17 from Recycled Art.
Received kaiser05, kaiser11, kaiser12, kaiser14, kaiser15, kaiser17, kaiser19, klarerwind05, klarerwind07, klarerwind08, klarerwind12, maestro02, maestro04, maestro07, maestro08, maestro14, maestro15, maestro17, maestro18 from Recycled Art.
Received archery03, archery04, archery08, archery16, archery18, archery20, bentenmaru15, birdcalls03, birdcalls07, birdcalls09, birdcalls10, birdcalls16, birdcalls17, birdcalls18, birdcalls19, birdcalls20, changshan03, changshan13, scientists16, tsunderes04 from Recycled Art.
Received curerouge13, androgynous09, barrier05, ensign17, starling03, chariot17, villains13, western09, livingzombie17 and a brown crayon from Game 3.
Received diepencil19, padlock14 from Game 3.
Received dwn-02306, railgun06, denmark06, paladin14, odyssey15, wind-up02, ultrasouls06, harvard16 and a gray crayon from Game 1.
Received galaxian13, mixcoatl07, secretary18, touchthis16, oldest06, thiers09, a purple crayon and a gray crayon from Game 7.
Received one-eyed10, bananasushi09, ideo-delta19, embarrassed10, dreamworld15, starfox03, kora12, upbringing15, leocorp16, a purple crayon, a brown crayon and an orange crayon from Game 9.
Received dodo14, hatter15, hiraikotsu03, moscow02, parallel06 from Final Results.
Received themist12, strings16, natural17 and a brown crayon from donating Milky Rose.
Gifted cocky17 by [personal profile] lady_paine.
Gifted starmiya01 by [personal profile] fortuneparty.
Traded adepts08, archer12, cellphone01, cheerful15, demifiend10, eyelashes08, gakuran02/07/18, isshu06, soldier06, soothsayer16 for bloom12, cosmicmind02, cosmicmind15, honeyflash14, kirakira12, kirakira14, lemonade04, mako03, masamune09, optimistic4, princess03, toxin04 with [personal profile] vulpecula.
Received obliged02, blackberry13, mooncell14, borealis16, forbidden07, nishi13, navigate20, deities10, band19, uguu02, yari17, translator15, glowstone19, silverknight14, confection12, ussocom17, doubtful06, manipulator02, nishi13, doubledash16, cake13, 8years20, torchic12, sphinx12, kanegasaki15, automata18, delinquent18, sunlight15, emptiness16, evolver10, detective18, a purple crayon, a red crayon, an orange crayon, a brown crayon, two gray crayons, a blue crayon and a yellow crayon from placing first in the Colors Galactic Games.
Gifted butler01 by [personal profile] chronikle.
Received linda20, pocketwatch07 from Colorseum.
Gifted avaricious09, curebeat03, ring17, sunshine01 by [personal profile] kues.
Gifted asura11, kingsaw05, liberate01 by [personal profile] nidoking.
Traded mooncell14 for jaganshi06 with [personal profile] preternatural.
Traded seireiden10, julbirthday01 for exceed01, exceed13 with [personal profile] kues.
Gifted idol14 by [personal profile] kues.
Traded obliged02, blackberry13 for beehive07, beehive19 with [personal profile] kues.
Received soda15, suzaku06, affinity14, liasion04 from Colorseum.
Gifted gal08 by [personal profile] scblakdrgon.
Traded vocalist17 for goodluck16 with [personal profile] nameisuser.
Traded reluctant06, wildlion04 for cureace02, snowboard19 with [personal profile] jailynn.
Traded demifiend10, gamuza16, manager11, mountains14, network16, thief07 for driger15, honeyflash01, hungary20, japan11, novoselic14, promotion18 with [personal profile] akrous.
Traded namimori10 for umn07 with [personal profile] utsuwa.
Traded pyrokinetic06, envoy02 for fade06, fade15 with [personal profile] eonflamewing.
Traded alchemists07 for liberate13 with [personal profile] eonflamewing.
Traded boxer03, cedef03, approval03 for cure07, cure10, cure12 with [personal profile] scblakdrgon.
Traded ankh/firestarter/yesiam05, silverchariot05, ultimate05 for curemelody12, umn14, gaiadragoon19 with [personal profile] stag.
Traded 8years20, blanket07, always03 for hiraikotsu08, toxin08, ring18 with [personal profile] vethica.
Traded applecot08, applecot10 for cureace15, penguin07 with [personal profile] beaslays.
Traded band19, uguu02 for elegies15, original03 with [personal profile] honeybrushedheart.