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Colors TCG March 2016 log:

MARCH 2016:

Received temple06, temple10, cybele16, cureace16, curebeat10, curebeat11, curemuse02, curesunny12, perception20, heiress01, hell06, maleidols14, millenia04, millenia08, millenia12, millenia14, millenia18, mooncell06, mooncell13, kalos13 from Recycled Art.
Received aquarius06, forte09, memorybug15, dragon-type06 from Pick a Color.
Traded ogata15, robots19, sanctuary17, 80pitches12, archangel06, badgrades03, caramels06, create09, hatshepsut20, julia19, junkshop15, mavrou04 for selece02, cheerful09, curerhythm09, curerhythm02, corrupted14, turks06, ko06, curehappy09, godaime19, selfless06, cureblack07, toxin09 with [personal profile] magaru.
Traded gyaru08, spring08 for beast05, komachi20 with [personal profile] poland.
Gifted violence07 by [personal profile] admiral.
Gifted shamanking16, flamboyant01, squats17, repressed17, suzuken16, whip05, sawashirom15, cocky18, makai16, hexes11, calamari16 by [personal profile] vethica.
Traded dragonblood16, onlyfriend05 for hounan07, hounan08 with [personal profile] zeittari.
Gifted violence10 by [personal profile] estamir.
Gifted violence16 by [personal profile] magaru.
Gifted violence13 by [personal profile] phibby.
Received jyuuken20, chips12 from Go Fish.
Traded ashinaka10, freestyle15, hospitality19, monotonous11, pervy02, redflash02, samezuka16, shock03, slopes11, therat20, velvetroom18, assassins07, samurais01 for calculation16, complex05, cosmicmind17, curehappy03, escape05, food15, lust14, crossdressm02, cure08, guertena11, legendary09, miyanom03, miyanom16 with [personal profile] adurotum.
Gifted cleanfreak03 by [personal profile] mori.
Traded blunt11, nyanpasu20, wolves11 for judge08, justice19, saru09 with [personal profile] mori.
Received stalking17, girl-shy10, useless19, gao09 from Colorseum.
Swapped cheerful01, moonlight02 and received cheerful04, moonlight03 in exchange.
Gifted cheerful12 by [personal profile] 1angelette.
Traded dixneuf16, esper03, allsunday11, baroque15, capoeira06 for gaebolg05, gemini10, gemini12, gemini13, henshin06 with [personal profile] vethica.
Received kyotouryuu12, swindler03, trust05, whitemage20, raider15, madamered05, telepath12, sun14, beauty17, sekigahara18, redflash02, hirarin17, sparkling20, bracelets04, cloud16, beloved18, adam14, catmask09, greenvale01, skywalker19, scythe14, rockleone17, mameshiba13, distinction19, greatwitch20, man04, brains18, flagpole17, kuuderes08, mulberry07, odessa07, tattoo10, woodpecker01, stonemask14, akitsukami08, descendant01, emotions18, salmon12, curetwinkle06, yebisu13, cursed10, chibikko10, yondaime02, temari14, abused15, brains15, catears19, rudehero19, perfection07, metalrod04, pocketwatch03, hamelin17, dragonblood16, anxiety16, exorcist18, headboy19, cloud09, disaresta03, amara08, noman05, distant03, breaker04, myu14, cadet13, pity20, windom14, muaythai08, photographs06, believer08, instinct04, hitman10, unpopular04, dragon14, onlyfriend05, familiar04, summoner09, truebeauty10, inventing11, allsunday11, rat18, a purple crayon, a green crayon, two red crayons, a brown crayon from mod pay.
Received unlimited04, admiration06, lawyer02, lawyer03, lawyer09, madamered02, corrupted08, corrupted15, corrupted16, distinction04, clergy12, stmichaels05, stmichaels07, stmichaels08, stmichaels13, stmichaels17, stmichaels18, stmichaels19, sinnoh01, sinnoh06 from Recycled Art.
Received animals15, thesun14, hebirote04, ink13, determined15, red crayon from Scramble.
Received versicolor14, boxweapon08, companions05 from Deck Lover.
Received moonblast04, envious16, kali-yuga06, blogger11, amati12 and a brown crayon from Scramble.
Received octbirthday01, orange13, nightshade07 from Deck Lover.
Received femantags02, mahou06, maleidols10 from Deck Lover.
Received bel19, unlimited15, redeyed17, saisei15 from Colorseum.
Received sworn15, silverrose01, pig01 from Arazlam's Clues.
Received bamboo07, burst01, legionnaire03, gourmet15, beer04, red crayon from Scramble.
Received perlite19, second15, classa16 from Host Club Giveaway.
March Release: whiteblood01, darkblood01, catnoir02, aspire02, ban-chan02, annoying04, kuwabara03, roller17, charger06, birthday06, horror20, freckled01, horror14, kamiyan04, cheerful18.
Traded catnoir02 for whiteblood02 with [personal profile] unlocks.
Traded aspire02, ban-chan02 for whiteblood03, darkblood02 with [personal profile] eonflamewing.
Traded ghostroom12, rope19, spicegirl01, and wry19 for gsleague14, cape07, captivate02, and dukedom06 with [personal profile] harmonia.
Traded annoying04, kuwabara03 for whiteblood04, darkblood03 with [personal profile] vethica.
Received sangriarosa02, apos03, metalia17, totalwood05, renegades13 from Hi-5 Radio.
Received inquisitor05, lancecorp03, ctarl09 from donating to Scrapbook 150.
Traded brains18, chimera19, dryjuice20, epinard18, pudding13, rat18, yips08 for whiteblood05, darkblood04, femaleidols04, femantags03, viera06, nameless03, egret01 with [personal profile] jailynn.
Traded roller17, charger06, blackthorn19, hatter15, hatter19, ironheart14, kurohigi05, kurohigi10, multi-size17, one12, romaantiqua18 for whiteblood06, darkblood05, gaiadragoon20, kerberous04, kerberous05, kirakira18, unicolyon09, farseer18, loveless01, seeress10, shard20 with [personal profile] moon_wolf.
Received seawitch10, titrel20, moogle01 from donating to Scrapbook 148.
Traded gekidasa10, impulsive15, ironheart14, magatama03, noman05, ouji03 for blossom16, complex02, complex18, haughty05, femprotags02, hirarin08 with [personal profile] akrous.
Received adepts01, bon11, nataku07, empowering11, shoutengai11, betrayer07, gray crayon, blue crayon from donating Physique and Rap.
Received shouryuuken14, harasho17, weblin16 from Host Club Giveaway.
Swapped adonis09, blessed17, blackgale08 for darkblood19, whiteblood11, akahebi20 at Switch it Up.
Received police16, bewitching11, eleccode20, insei15, fengshui15, gald15, johto18, hearts12 from Shadow Watching.
Received dubhe06, dubhe07, dubhe16, familiar13, information02, impressions18, impostor13, honeyflash04, honeyflash05, knave01, knave04, knave08, knave09, knave11, knave14, knave15, knave19, lipstick13, mischief15, moonlight10 from Recycled Art.
Received kazu17, eve09, itako13, lostvayne01 from Go Fish.
Received self-help14, turningtide09, nuisance14, elocution19, dwn-00904, masses01, comrades07, models17 from Oikawa's Fan Mail.
Received chess16, shiningone06, lhantmanor02, gemstone13, bandana01, kunai18, similar03, colorful04, westwind19, allies07, lumiose16, thirdroom01, lines07, redcomet03, insania07, crossbow10, frown16, soundpod11, seeing16, blitz18, hugs02, wait03, forgive20, ducttape10, fork12, mafiaboss10, dwn-02007, octopus05, break13, taser01, orochi18, daruma09, long-range01, mallet03, pk19, surfing19, threestars20, altmile16, akabari19, binbougami20, candlestick06, hotarumaru12, caleria03, kendama06, scrawl04, moonflute08, meiji04, truebeauty13, flashing03, copper05, ropes14, p-chan08, caregiver19, mechonis05, ghostalley05, magiccancel14, revolver15, memento05, cannibal07, underwear03, vaniville07, gentletype11, celestizam18, crime14, brown crayon, green crayon, two yellow crayons and a blue crayon from mod pay.
Received luzrov13, newyears14, dtr19, blackwhite16, shenlong15, perfection09, buhii03, underworld10, neighbor19, demonrose10, a purple crayon from Seiyuu Guess.
Received raider03, aquaactress12, catlover11, bluebeard13 from Colorseum.
Received bluesea14, wildrush15, de-aging12, impostors09, asset20, shopping16, scavenger03, tekou01, doubledash15, blocker05, dcn-03002, seconds07, tarundoru19, sockpuppet17, boxweapon19, purple crayon from Reading Between the Lines.
Received teaching19, virgo05, rescue11 from donating to Scrapbook 149.
Traded alluring04, feelings09, indirect03, legalwife06, leocorp07, lust14, sangriarosa02, titrel20 for uncouth11, indecent19, phoenix18, littlepuppy05, yami03, owl07, littlepuppy07, nirvash06 with [personal profile] poland.
Gifted whiteblood07 by [personal profile] poland.
Traded dituono09, fulfill08, halos06, ironmouse07, heavymetal07, heavymetal15, judgment08, krisna12 for unlimited13, jewel18, identity03, passion08, littlepuppy14, youngest17, ouroboros18, lipstick19 with [personal profile] eonflamewing.
Traded realist04, greatwitch20, pocketwatch03, tattoo10, cheerful04, calnus15, crystal05, godknows11, haven17, idiocy16, invisible05, invisible11, katana06, pikohan16, seashells02, shippudash11, blastia09 for complex10, curebeauty09, flawless05, musket02, mysterious01, mysterious08, mysterious18, perlite17, realian02, selfless11, 199816, clow15, food02, gastronomy03, gastronomy12, japan14, throttle11 with [personal profile] unlocks.
Traded amati12, throatfly09 for whiteblood08, darkblood06 with [personal profile] anaraine.
Received heiress07, passionate07, nowhere11, analysis19, highpriest13, male17, hadoukyuu18, kidnap03, mechapilots04, highentia03, crowds12, taurus11, kaiser03, kaiser04, kaiser13, kaiser16, virgo02, virgo03, purple crayon, orange crayon, yellow crayon, green crayon, gray crayon, yellow crayon from mastering Cheerful, Dark Blood, White Blood, Violence, Pursuit and Kaiser.
Received darkblood07, darkblood08, darkblood09, darkblood10, darkblood11, darkblood12, darkblood13, darkblood14, darkblood15, darkblood16, darkblood17, darkblood18, darkblood20, whiteblood09, whiteblood10, whiteblood12, whiteblood13, whiteblood14, whiteblood15, whiteblood16, whiteblood17, whiteblood18, whiteblood19, whiteblood20, violence06, violence08, violence09, pursuit08, pursuit09, pursuit10, pursuit11, pursuit13, pursuit14, pursuit15, pursuit16, pursuit17, pursuit18, pursuit19, pursuit20, prince11, teikoku02, physician11, qipao11, madprince18, seaotter11, blades14, unemezoku11, thefalcon07, adultlike09, diclonius19, garland16, astronomer01, un-sorcerer14, whitebreath20, drag04, cats16, trueknight03, excalibur06, anty02, blue crayon, two yellow crayons, gray crayon, red crayon, orange crayon, yellow crayon, brown crayon, green crayon, red crayon from Art Shop.
Received revocs01, opera17, scarf03, salamander19, sevendays17, gemmy17, bluesteel07, giver20 from Rei's Friend Report.
Received virgo04, brookhaven12, bark03, breaker05, ghostalley02 and a yellow crayon for leveling up to Mars.
Received miko02, miko04, miko05, miko06, miko08, miko09, miko15, miko18, miko19, miko20, border01, border04, border06, border07, border09, border14, border20, misguided05, misguided11, misguided12 from Recycled Art.
Received spicy06, touda05, timeslip04 from Pokeradar.
Received pistol02, bake06, giftshop14, dunksmash03, breath11, kouhai-kun19, sinker03, imitating14, incubus16, shaft11 from Arazlam's Clues.
Traded adultlike09, crossbow10, daruma09, hotarumaru12, kendama06, saisei15 for akahebi19, classes09, perception10, kritya07, kritya12, kritya19 with [personal profile] eonflamewing.
Traded altmile16, natsu14, rosesplash16, thiers09, turningtide09, watashi16, paranoia17 for confidence15, draciel04, draciel17, gaiadragoon06, kerberous10, klarerwind14, arthur18 with [personal profile] zeittari.
Traded never16, piercing04 for babylon06, calamari20 with [personal profile] kureto.
Gifted six gray crayons by [personal profile] poland.
Received walkure20, highlander06, corseit11, rosebleue19, icecar19, gekidasa15, poseidon15, poison18 from Colorseum.